What's At Your Local Farmers Market? A Look At Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Nuts and More [Thoughts + Pics]

I saw Ogen, Sugar Cubes, and I think Aravas in Mar Vista yesterday.


Rounding down is a gift. Rounding up is stealing.


Can confirm, ample melon selection at both SMFM and Mar Vista Weiser stands these past two weeks.


Yeah, to be honest, I’d be kind of peeved if a vendor rounded up w/o asking me. I normally say automatically, “Keep the change” and round up. But I feel like that should be coming from the customer, not from the vendor.

Having said that, I’d place the blame on the specific employee, rather than assuming it’s how the vendor operates.

Back on topic… The white peaches we got from Scott’s this weekend have been ever so lovely. :slight_smile:


While it sounds pretty presumptuous of the vendor, I am curious what you did with that nickel? :wink:

PS I agree it really is the customers choice if they want to round up or not. Can’t remember the last time I accepted coins as change, there’s too much piled up in my change bowl as it is. Then again I can’t remember the last time I paid cash for anything besides lottery tix so maybe I’m the wrong guy to opine.


Invested it in a mutual fund and now I can retire comfortably in Carmel. My mind is boggled by people who don’t bring cash to farmer’s markets.

There’s nothing more amusingly irritating than being stuck behind someone loudly bitching about why some vendor from Arvin doesn’t take apple pay.


Tons of different melons, though only two smallish watermelon types at Weiser. They also had persian mulberries.

Peaches, nectarines, plums, and pluots from Tenerelli, Terry’s, and Burkhart all fantastic.

Maras taste like peak; worth the $9.

Didn’t have the time to stand in line for Andy’s (how do you people have the time for that lol) but everything there looked really good. Actually got some rainier cherries from Cuyama, which is usually an apple stand, and they were decent enough.

Massive Reed avocados at JJ’s lone daughter are a nice summer treat.


Which satnd are you referencing the maras for? Harry’s?

Also anyone tried any melons and if so from which farmers? Want to buy a melon this weekend.

It’s actually a huge PITA to get and you get charged. I try to bring cash when I can but taking a detour to an ATM in the morning is no fun and if its not your bank or in network you get charged.

Do people go on weekly ATM runs these days? Aside from farmers market and random food stands/taco carts I basically never use cash for anything


Yes Harry’s (are there other stands outside of Chino Farm that even sell maras?)

I got a decent seeded watermelon from Tutti Frutti (maybe on the edge of being too ripe but not mealy), and two melons whose names escape me right now from Weiser. The one with pale green flesh I’m finding a little too crisp for my preference; the canteloupe looking one is perfect.

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normalize carrying cash to pay taqueros, farmer’s markets, small restaurants, tipping service workers, etc. viva la cash!!!


My weekly ATM run is specifically for the farmers market. And it keeps me on a budget :slight_smile:


I feel like a lot of small restaurants don’t accept cash, my local coffee shop being one of them.

That’s literally my only use case for cash these days lol

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Really? I agree with @hungryhungryhippos here. I’m always flabbergasted when vendors at the HFM don’t take Venmo at least. Is this a generational thing?

I guess I just don’t get the moralizing about customers. It’s a competitive advantage to take multiple forms of payment.

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If your bank doesn’t reimburse you for ATM fees, maybe switch banks.

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Cash is faster (can be incalculably faster when someone ends up futzing with wifi on an ipad). Cash is better for the vendor. Cash invites discounts. If a place is credit card only it mainly tells me they don’t trust their employees.

I don’t find hitting an ATM every week or two to be an un-mitigatable hardship, my retail perambulations around this whore of babylon are part of my ever-evolving cycle of distraction.

You are correct that it is a generational divide, though when on the westside I see irksome behaviors from every age group.


Lol tell me you’re a boomer w/o telling me you’re a boomer (please don’t take offense I’m just teasing). I’m not here to extoll the virtues of cash vs other payment methods but I don’t personally use cash very much in my day to day life and it appears nowadays a lot of people don’t either.

Can be true or false. Tap to pay, mobile pay, and venmo are all super convenient, I do this all the time at farmers markets and you don’t have to wait around for people to count or hand you change. It’s exact and I don’t have to carry around a bunch of coins jingling in my pocket which I deposit into a change jar that is overflowing at my house.

Not always, the owner of my local coffee shop does not want to reconcile cash with her accounting system at the end of the day and count the money, does not want to deal with securing the cash and worry about people targeting her business, ,=and does not want to do bank run deposits and drop offs.

I run a business and I specifically do not take cash and actually don’t even like receiving checks. ACH, wire, or CC all the way.

It’s not some un-mitigatable hardship its just very inconvenient for me because there are such narrow use cases in my life and at times there are real life dollar costs with such transactions which are annoying. I usually end up taking out the maximum just to avoid going again.


Everyone has their preferences. There are specific instances at the HFM where cash is not faster than Venmo, and we can debate what ‘cash only’ means: that these businesses don’t pay their fare share (via taxes) for our roads, schools, and defense lol. That cash can equal wage theft, that cash can be a security risk to play ridiculous devil’s advocate here.

But that’s silly. I’m fine with other people’s preferences re: cash. I just don’t think there’s clear or universal moral and political meaning to my own.


I personally salute and support all efforts by cash-only businesses to avoid paying their fare share for defense.


Lol that’s fair. I’m not a huge fan of the defense budget either, though we both know that’s not how these things work. And I have been throwing subliminals at you cause I do find the moralizing a little tedious.