What's cookin'?

If you want it runnier just give it a shake while it’s in the oven it should still vibrate and have a lot of ripples.

That’s the thing; he said it was really jiggly (I wasn’t watching when he pulled it out). We were watching an internet clip of someone making it (not the recipe he used), and it was SO, SO jiggly. Interior was very nice (loose but not liquid-y). I asked him if ours was as jiggly, and he said yes.

We’ve eaten so much by ourselves that I think it will be some time b/f he tries again. :slight_smile:

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Somebody started those yearly topics because they were used to Chowhound, where the shit software got shittier when topics got too long.

I wish they only had one thread about ‘home cooking.’

I don’t mind the multiple threads about home cooking, for the most part. Baking, for instance, would generate enough posts to “warrant” a separate thread. And then choc chip cookies and sourdough also likely generate enough to create a separate thread. Even w/ the search function, I don’t always want to wade through 3000 replies! :slight_smile:

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Without multiple topics it would be much harder to find anything.

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These are good: buttery, really chewy, crunchy at the edges. I think replacing some of the oats with coconut would would be a nice variation.

I followed the recipe except that I just mixed all the oats into the batter and didn’t bother with the parchment paper. They cooled fine in the pan. The batter’s really, really stiff, had to press it out with my fingers.

There’s no need to make a batch of the baking mix, just use a cup of flour, a cup of white sugar, a teaspoon of baking soda, and half a teaspoon of salt.


blueberry clafoutis

Note to self: don’t pour all the batter into the dish if it’s more than is needed to handle all the fruit. This ended up with half an inch of plain custard at the bottom.


Leftover eggplant curry from Nari. Poached a turkey breast, sauteed mushrooms in rice bran oil, shredded the turkey, shredded the eggplant (lost all its crunch after a couple of days in the fridge), mixed it all with the curry sauce and thinned a bit with the poaching liquid. Delicious over rice.


Why rice bran oil (since I don’t really cook myself and don’t know what its uses are)?

Different flavor than olive, corn, or peanut. Tastes kind of like clarified butter.


Goat raised for me .Fed alfalfa and grain. Harvested and packaged. Pulled off the smoker ready for tacos. Cheers .



I’m jealous.

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Picked up some Porcini and Morels at the McCloud mushroom festival. Will be serving tonight.


Ooh, was it a one day event? I’ll have to tell my Shasta friends. Well worth the drive. I’ll be going to our market every weekend during the season. Thanks for sharing.

Started yesterday. Its becoming huge . 2 years ago there there was no wild mushrooms… No rain and that covid bullshit . It was great today got there around 1030. Yesterday i saw a million cars with chp watching. I turned around for home
Not sure about tomorrow with the festival.

I wonder what they do later in the season. They wouldn’t have all of them already, would they? At least my experience with them in OR and Tahoe/Reno says that. Oh, right, and here in Seattle where I’m betting it will be two months.

They have ontracts with local pickers . They ( the wholesalers )
buy the mushrooms from them to sell to the public. 30 to 35 dollars a pound. Sometimes yes Sometimes no . Very temperamental fungus in the wild .