What's good at Grand Central Market

Sisig fried rice and the coconut custard pie at Sari Sari

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In addition to everything already mentioned, the sandwiches at DTLA Cheese are always good.

Edit: Oops, just saw that A5KOBE already mentioned them.

Ooh! That’s right, the Manzke’s new place. Anything else besides those 2 items @ipsedixit? Thanks.

Dunno. Only been once. I really can’t stand GCM in anything other than in limited quantities of no more than 20 minutes (max) when the weather is anything above 80F in DTLA.


I found the oyster stand to be hugely disappointing. Perhaps due to the aforementioned temperature issues (?), the dozen oysters I got in the early evening on a weekend were almost all rancid tasting. And pretty far along at that. To top it off, the shucking left about 25 pieces of shell in each oyster. It was difficult to get them down and we ended up leaving a lot on the table.

Other items we tried (shrimp cocktail and some sort of tuna, I think) were passable at best. Very unfortunate - it is a great concept and could be a real gem. I am not in love with Water Grill, but it is certainly a better option for scratching the oyster itch in the area. I welcome others’ suggestions for oysters in DTLA proper.

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Seems people liked the virtual meal @ Hachi Torrance (Link),
So, for your consideration: A virtual GCM crawl for two.

  1. On a hot afternoon, you’re gonna need a drink to endure the crowds.
    Grab a beverage of your choice @ Courage & Craft - approx $6 EA
    I recommend a canned beer out of the cold case.

  2. Squeeze your way over to La Tostaderia, order an Octopus Tostada - $10

  3. Make your way to Villa Morelianas and order one or two tacos. (Careful: They are huge!) - $2.75 EA
    Surtidos (mixed), orejas (ear), chicharron (crispy skin), cuerditos (silver skin), the list goes on… It’s pork heaven!

  4. Supplement: Belcampo Burger (Medium-rare). Cut in half. - $12.50

  5. Share a Double Scoop @ McConnell’s - $6.50

  6. Espresso from G&B - approx $3 EA

$30 - $50 for a great afternoon filled with wonderful flavors.


La Tostaderia is Wonderful!



Looks so good! What flavor is that on top of the McConnell’s ice cream cone?

Looks like the eureka lemon & marionberries on top of churros con leche?

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I think @PorkyBelly is right. I just copied/pasted a photo I found…

Tried the whole menu at Sari Sari over the last few days.

CALAMANSI SODA. (!!!) – If you like slightly tart sodas, this is a winner. It’s absolutely one of my favorite fizzy drinks at the moment.

Tortang Talong (Rice bowl w/ grilled eggplant) – One of the rare dishes that does eggplant justice. It is charred and smoky, the cherry tomatoes give the dish a fresh pop of brightness, the garlic fried rice keeps the flavors going.

The sisig fried rice has the right amount of “funk” to it, if that’s your thing. (It’s totally my thing.)

The breakfast sandwich is worth the price for the pan de sal. Exemplary bread, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone given Republique’s track record.

Minor nitpicks: The FOH setup is a bit weird at the moment. The counter wraps around the space, but orders are being called from one area in the corner, which makes it kind of difficult to hear at times. They also keep serving drinks with the food; I’d appreciate the option to have my soda before receiving the rest of the meal :stuck_out_tongue:


Olio margherita.

this is why i fucks with this website… thanks

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Tacos Tumbras a Tomas, their food is decent, line is long, a bit pricey but well worth it. I remember going there one weekday afternoon & their tacos were $2.50, then a few weeks later I went back on a weekend, their tacos were $3.50! Maybe I went there just when they just did the price increase, I don’t know. Although the price of tacos jumped one whole dollar, it’s still worth it! With the massive amount of meat they give you, slide the second corn tortilla to the side & you can make another one!

Madcapra - delicious, yes even without any meat options on the menu. Their flat bread is made in house & everything is fresh. The staff is wonderful & friendly.

Horse Thief BBQ, pass. One thing they got the name right is “Thief” The price & portion size they give you, everything is just so small. The pulled pork was very dry.

Eggslut - Slutty Egg - everytime I go to GCM, I look at the line to order your food. It looks like a line where you are waiting for the rides at an amusement park. 30-45 minute wait to order your food & another 20 minutes to have your food made. One whole hour order & eat your food, no thanks! “Pass!”

The Glendale and Venice Eggslut locations have no lines and taste just as good.

Go early and get a Fairfax add turkey sausage on a biscuit because they run out of biscuits early.


I think they’re not worth it and I go to Morelianas every time for tacos.

I’ve never been a fan of this place and can’t understand why they rate so highly. I’ve given them a few tries. It’s the only high end bbq where I didn’t finish my meal even though I was hungry. That was my last trip and I gave up.


If you’re out by the Glendale area, and are hankering for an egg sandwich, I would much rather head over to Division 3 in Glassell Park.

Heck, most of the time I’d rather go to Division 3 even if I’m not in the NW LA area.

What is good there?

Any of the biscuit sandwiches.

Division 3 looks good. I’m going have to try that place when I’m in the area. Thanks, @ipsedixit!