Where can one review Yelp?

So many reviews seem so bogus. When an obviously fake review is flagged, I receive a message that upon examination the review will remain.

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Nice to see you Maudie! It’s funny that you posted this, because a couple of weeks ago the owner of The Playground (Santa Ana) asked Facebook followers for those who had not done so, please write a Yelp review.

He said he would not be blackmailed into advertising with them to remove bogus reviews and explained briefly how even a half-star loss equates to business loss.

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So glad to see you here @maudies5.

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Great point madies. And please excuse the profusive fucking profanity on the site.

Welcom to the site.

What’s new ???

For now, I would do it in either a regional board if the issue is about a respective local restaurant, or if it is generally about Yelp, then in the Food in the News board.

They should do what this business owner did. File a lawsuit against the reviewer. The reviewer was ordered to pay $1000.

Though in this case the reviewer defamed the business by calling them thieves and alleging illegal activity in her comments.

Will pass along that info. Thanks-

what’s up maudies – ur a rider, welcome.

See here

Yelp is so shady. No one believes me when I tell them. I posted my business on their site and a VERY, VERY, VERY persistent salesman called me, usually I’d lie or hang up on them. i was going thru an honesty phase at the time and told the truth, after being on the phone about 20 mins I just kept telling the truth, that I couldn’t afford their ads, he proceeds to berate me and tell me how I must suck, how my business must suck, all while telling me yelp didn’t need me. I said “damn, how mad and personal would you get if yelp DID need me?”


I just learned from a reliable source that they threw Door Dash off of their site because Yelp now owns Eat24 a competitor. How petty is that?


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Thanks TonyC. Apparently, no other restaurant delivery service is own Yelp; only their own Eat24. So, one can’t see reviews for Postmates, Fluc, Doordash, etc.
Pretty outrageous.

Sadly, Fluc is no more. Yelp does seem shady.

Postmates and Door Dash are alive and well and M.I.A. on Yelp.

It bugs me how businesses give so much import to yelp reviews. I just lost my beloved morning coffee hang out because of yelp reviews. R+D used to offer coffee service while they set up, it was such a lovely place to start the day, quiet, and really great coffee. They also offered scones and breakfast burritos, but wouldn’t allow any changes to the burritos at all, since they really weren’t open yet. A few yelp reviewers spoiled the whole thing by complaining that R+D wouldn’t allow changes, and also that they didn’t offer full breakfast. It was a great two year run.

Yeah, someone told me about the breakfast from Café R and D. Like grab and go. Coffee what around a dollar ??? wonderful two dollar scones ??

and 5 dollar breakfast burritos ???

damn, I fucking missed the boat on this one.

Ugh I would do anything to be able to comment on Yelp reviews. The people are so ignorant, often at risk of hurting the establishment.

A friend of mine had a Singaporean place in LA that shuttered quickly. People were leaving him one star reviews because the noodles didn’t taste like pad thai, etc.

I have seen such mean spirited reviews where restaurant will get one star because the hostess wasn’t warm. Not one word about the food


sounds like business.

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