Where to buy delicious watermelon?

The watermelons that I sampled at last week’s wednesday FM in Santa Monica were pretty darned good.

I can never vouch for the quality of watermelons at the supermarkets unless they’re sliced. If the color of the pulp is on the deeper side, if the pulp looks solid, if the piece feels heavy for its size and if white veining is running through the pulp, it should be sweet and tasty.

Seeds are definitely a plus. They can also indicate ripeness. If the seeds are black and intact, it’s probably ripe. If you see the seeds beginning to sprout - you’ll see a little white tip starting to form at the tip of the seed, it is overripe.

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I bought a yellow one from the Irvine Farmers Market last week. It was pretty sweet but tasted different from a red watermelon. Is the yellow watermelon a hybrid with another type of melon?

I think you’re right. I was too anxious and have to wait til July/August to get watermelons. The ones I’ve picked in the last 2 weeks have been the best. The Sat FM in Irvine has had very good melons lately.

I usually buy a couple watermelons per grocery trip. The idea is if one is not that good, big deal, I’ve got another, and if I have two good ones, score! I can’t recall picking up two blah ones. On a positive note, I feel better armed to find the best watermelons after reading this thread and reading about the sugar veins.

is this the first time in recorded history something at whole foods has been cheaper
than somewhere else? he asked, with a shit ton of snark.

Ha. True dat. Maybe the 365 store has some good deals?

I know this is an older thread/query…but YOU HAVE TO TRY THE SEEDLESS YELLOW WATERMELONS from Underwood Family Farms (Ventura). Sorry for shouting, but every summer now for the past few years, I will stop everything to make it to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market on Sundays (10-2), ask a guy who works there to pick a watermelon for me, and I am as happy as can be.
Like you, OP, I have suffered the cruelty of terrible, bland, tasteless watermelons from big grocery stores (Vons, Pavilions, Whole Foods). Even from those expensive chains they can be awful. The injustice isn’t so much that you’ve thrown away $4-6, it’s that they’re so damn heavy, and your anticipation for something juicy and flavorful disappears with that first cut/taste!
Here is a link to the farm’s website, they sell at a ton of SoCal Farmer’s Markets
They’ll have them late July through August (MAYBE September?), so I say - waste no more time on disappointing watermelons, buy local produce and enjoy other goodies from whichever farmer’s market you decide to go to. These are the best watermelons I have ever had in my life. :heart_eyes:


Yellow Watermelon is so good, taste just like honey!!!

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The ones with seeds taste even better.

How much did that watermelon run you?

Where does one find watermelon with seeds these days? Even Whole Foods is uniformly seedless these days…

Dare I bother ask about heirloom varieties?

Cal Poly Pomona’s farmstore has them, though I haven’t seen any melons there yet this year.

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Armenian markets. Season is just beginning.

99 Ranch Market

I remember them being a bit pricey - a small one cost me $8. Once they’re here, I’ll weigh it this time and give you more accurate price/lb info!

Which one? The Focus Plaza location did not have anything other than seedless last weekend.

Seeded watermelon on sale at Ralphs this past week (only two days left now).
I wonder if this means they carry it regularly.


Specific location, please! I was just at the Ralphs on 4th St in Long Beach last night, and all watermelon was seedless.

The Northgate market on Inglewood had seeded watermelons yesterday. 4lbs for .99¢


Thanks!! I will try Northgate

Where to buy delicious watermelon WITH SEEDS? 2020 version.

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