Where to find quark cheese?

My German mother in law requires quark for her stollen recipe. Where can I find some in the east bay (ideally Oakland/Berkeley).


As a German finding even decent quark was one of our goals for the last 20 years in the US - unfortunately we haven’t found it yet. There are some versions from Apple Farms and Vermont Creamery who have the name quark printed in the box but have actually little to do with quark in terms of flavor and consistency and I wouldn’t recommend using them for baking. The solution we have found is making it ourselves which isn’t terrible difficult and produces great products.

I used to buy the real stuff imported from Germany but haven’t seen it in years. In the meantime I’ve bought things labeled quark, but none of them were close.

You might call Lehr"s in SF or Staudt in Redwood City.

Lehr’s and Staudt only have Apple Farms

Probably atill true, but that has changed over the years.

I don’t know if it was quark cheese . I had a girlfriend that grew up in a small village in Austria. They loved this local cheese that was crumbly and smelt like socks and feet that weren’t washed for decades.

Quark is more ricotta/cottage cheese-ish

Sounds more like quark accidentally left in the fridge for half a decade

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The imported quark I used to get was creamy and dense, sort of like sour cream or Greek yogurt. We usually ate it on toast with German apple butter.

A lot of recipes for quarkstollen suggest substituting Greek yogurt.

Fage Total 5% Greek yogurt has a texture similar to the imported quark I used to buy.

She used her quark free recipe. It is delicious.

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Lehr’s yesterday. Judging from the nutrition label’s 2 grams fat per 28-gram serving, it’s full-fat.