Where to go when you want to be comforted?

Chances are quit favorable that Sgee was, at that moment, the only person in the world eating that particular dish in that particular style of dress.


denny’s superbird



Mama Joan’s Soul Food

Smothered fried chicken, collards, dressing, and candied yams with cornbread and sweet tea. Banana pudding to finish.

They even treat you like family.

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Love this post!

Dan Tana’s baby. . .hopefully, with Kevin at the bar.
Panns for the best damn patty melt!!
Woody’s Wharf…Newport beach
Neptune’s Net…Malibu
El Ranchito…Newport beach
Eric’s at the pier…Avalon

Any Mc D’s for the beloved Filet O’ Fish with extra tartar and a small fry squished together…oh yeah baby…troubles melted away and the world is good and the Jimmy Dean Sun comes out…



(and then something from Scoops.)


Had my last birthday meal at Dan Tana’s. Veal parm, Manhattan up, wife and best friends. Good call!

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Great post! My go to at lunchtime is Ed’s on Robertson for a grilled cheese, bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich on whole wheat. For dinner it’s Nanbankan. Always made to feel at home and the food is consistently delicious.

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My go-to’s:

Apple Pan (Hickory Burger, Fries, Coke, Banana Cream Pie)

Gjelina Take-Away Pizza slices

Pad see ew from any good thai place.


Dan Tana’s!!!


I think Bestia is this place for me usually.

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Agree with Apple Pan. Hector remembering how I like my burger for the last 35 years is the ultimate comfort food server.
Lucques when I want wonderful food served in a warm environment by experienced servers also works
Vito Restaurant on Ocean Park Blvd is also in the comfort food pantheon.


Fosselman’s chocolate dipped strawberry ice cream always cheers me up


Went to Vito’s a couple of weeks ago, for first time. Absolutely the kind of place I had in mind!


Vito’s is the place for caesar salad and spaghetti and meatballs Spaghetti and meatballs only served weekends, Those deep leather banquettes and kind waiters (not servers, but old time dressed up in tux waiters ) are of another era. Cocktails are very very good.


OH yes. Yes!!!

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Speaking of Pad See Ew, any favorite place to get this? Sapp’s offers a good one but I honestly haven’t experienced very much of a difference between any thai place and this dish.

Most pad see ews are pretty similar, but some are a cut above. My favorite one is at Night Market Song. The dish is just bursting with flavor, and everything is cooked just right. Otherwise, I like it quite a bit at the following places:

–Krua Thai
–Khun Dom Thai
–Pok Pok Phat Thai

Apple Pan, Sapp Coffee Shop, and Seungbukdong

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Animal for this fucker

Animal style with whole grilled onions and extra toast


Grilled cheese animal style with whole grill onion from in N out with animal fries is my #1 comfort food. Also used for comfort are the following: chirachi bowl at Jinpachi (lunch only unfortunately), black & white mini cake from Cake Monkey, Donuts (anywhere tasty; depends where I am - usually SKs, Donut Friend, or Donut Factory), BURRITOS - Cofax, Senor Fish, or Cacao usually. Also, picking up Banchan from Jun-Won Banchan on Olympic. I love shopping for food there. All of the above have helped and continue to help me when I’m feeling blue.

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