Whittier/La Mirada/La Habra/Brea - Need new neighborhood suggestions

That’s good to know. They weren’t offering brunch the last time I went…which was probably almost a year ago. Looks like I need to make plans for a weekend.

Yeah, see, there’s a reason I left that out. I actually don’t recall everything. :frowning: I was hoping that looking at the menu would jog my memory, but… their website isn’t working well. And, yes, I realize that Mother’s Day was only a few wks ago. Just asked me partner, and he can’t remember, either.

I recall that we had the blue cheese croquettes (which were fine but needed a much stronger blue cheese flavor) and a french onion soup (a bit over salted).

… Ah, found another way to access the menu…

We had pastrami egg rolls w/ duck sauce. Sounds disgusting, but it was actually pretty tasty (esp the duck sauce). I had the porchetta sandwich. Salsa verde was very good, but the porchetta didn’t have any crispy skin (that I recall).

I know I’m not making the place sound great, but I’d be happy to return, if I were in the area.

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And to think, I thought you couldn’t remember because you hit the bar too hard.
Still sounds like you had a good time. I’ll have to stop in one day.

Oh, wouldn’t that be fun. :wink: I actually am not super fond of the taste of alcohol, and my body won’t tolerate it, so any memory lapses are just me functioning at baseline. ::sigh::


Man, there are some good tacos in Whittier!

Taqueria La Victoria - Chicharon Tacos

A friend brought me these. I was resistant, but couldn’t figure out how to politely decline. Gracias!!! Tender, pork meat, thick, fatty, pork skin, deep-fried into impossibly crispy goodness. And I don’t know if this is a thing, but it stuck to my teeth like pork taffy. :yum:

Chema’s! :heart: Pollo (chicken), Carne Asada (beef), Lengua (beef tongue), Al Pastor (spit grilled pork)

People consumed the lengua and pastor like it was their last meal. I thought the carne asada was the weak link, but it’s generally not my favorite taco meat, so feel free to ignore me. The chicken tacos - frequently a grilled, dry, flavorless afterthought - were cooked perfectly tender (almost guisado-style) and so flavorful. What I like about the meat at Chema’s is it’s cleaned really well - no gristly bits, no bones and just the right amount of fat. Store-bought tortillas are not a deal breaker for me when the filling is really good. But some folks will be disappointed with how these tend to fall apart pretty easily. Did I mention the salsa? Probably not hot enough for the heat heads, but it’s deliciously, spicy to me.

Shhh… I mixed some with leftover ranch from Wing Stop and ate it with corn chips as a midnight snack. :relaxed:


Thoughts on Uptown Provisions? Looks like a sandwich destination to me


It is pretty amazing.

I’ve been on multiple occasions. I like their Italian-ish and egg salad the most. The smoked salmon and big Mort are occasional specials. The sandwiches are large enough to share to have for 2 meals.