Whittier/La Mirada/La Habra/Brea - Need new neighborhood suggestions

That’s good to know. They weren’t offering brunch the last time I went…which was probably almost a year ago. Looks like I need to make plans for a weekend.

Yeah, see, there’s a reason I left that out. I actually don’t recall everything. :frowning: I was hoping that looking at the menu would jog my memory, but… their website isn’t working well. And, yes, I realize that Mother’s Day was only a few wks ago. Just asked me partner, and he can’t remember, either.

I recall that we had the blue cheese croquettes (which were fine but needed a much stronger blue cheese flavor) and a french onion soup (a bit over salted).

… Ah, found another way to access the menu…

We had pastrami egg rolls w/ duck sauce. Sounds disgusting, but it was actually pretty tasty (esp the duck sauce). I had the porchetta sandwich. Salsa verde was very good, but the porchetta didn’t have any crispy skin (that I recall).

I know I’m not making the place sound great, but I’d be happy to return, if I were in the area.

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And to think, I thought you couldn’t remember because you hit the bar too hard.
Still sounds like you had a good time. I’ll have to stop in one day.

Oh, wouldn’t that be fun. :wink: I actually am not super fond of the taste of alcohol, and my body won’t tolerate it, so any memory lapses are just me functioning at baseline. ::sigh::


Man, there are some good tacos in Whittier!

Taqueria La Victoria - Chicharon Tacos

A friend brought me these. I was resistant, but couldn’t figure out how to politely decline. Gracias!!! Tender, pork meat, thick, fatty, pork skin, deep-fried into impossibly crispy goodness. And I don’t know if this is a thing, but it stuck to my teeth like pork taffy. :yum:

Chema’s! :heart: Pollo (chicken), Carne Asada (beef), Lengua (beef tongue), Al Pastor (spit grilled pork)

People consumed the lengua and pastor like it was their last meal. I thought the carne asada was the weak link, but it’s generally not my favorite taco meat, so feel free to ignore me. The chicken tacos - frequently a grilled, dry, flavorless afterthought - were cooked perfectly tender (almost guisado-style) and so flavorful. What I like about the meat at Chema’s is it’s cleaned really well - no gristly bits, no bones and just the right amount of fat. Store-bought tortillas are not a deal breaker for me when the filling is really good. But some folks will be disappointed with how these tend to fall apart pretty easily. Did I mention the salsa? Probably not hot enough for the heat heads, but it’s deliciously, spicy to me.

Shhh… I mixed some with leftover ranch from Wing Stop and ate it with corn chips as a midnight snack. :relaxed:


Thoughts on Uptown Provisions? Looks like a sandwich destination to me


It is pretty amazing.

I’ve been on multiple occasions. I like their Italian-ish and egg salad the most. The smoked salmon and big Mort are occasional specials. The sandwiches are large enough to share to have for 2 meals.


19seventy (Whittier)

We threw a celebratory dinner here over the weekend. We wanted something a little classy, but close to home with a fun cocktail program.

I spent a couple of weeks working with the special events team to set a menu that would work for our party and make it easier for the kitchen.

We had starters for the table:
House chicken wings, calamari & drunken clams

Worth noting that the hot house bread service includes a lovely garlic compound butter. My parents had the bread with butter, dipped it into the clam sauce, and the minestrone soup.

My family was surprised that the house garden salad was more than just a boring iceberg mix…there was spinach, carrots, lots of little baby tomatoes and cucumbers.

While the Caesar was made with little gems, I felt it was a little overdressed, but appreciated that it came with a charred lemon that could be squeezed over to help offset the rich umami dressing.

The minestrone also got high praise. I saw it my Dad polish it off, but didn’t get a taste.

Primi options for the table were: Waygu burger, Chicken Parm, pistachio-crusted salmon, and Tuscan prawn pasta

The proteins were all cooked really well. Everyone was quite happy with their choices.

Being a celebratory meal, I also wanted to make sure that there was plenty of food and that no one went home hungry.

Secondi was delivered and served family style: tomahawk ribeye, farmer’s market vegetable plate, and tableside pappardelle seasoned in a Parmigiano wheel and served with braised short ribs.

That farmer’s market vegetable plate was done really well. Vegetables were tender crisp and seasoned. You all know I appreciate places that take as much care into their vegetables as their proteins.

I usually think Parmigiano wheel pasta presentations are just for show, but was pleasantly surprised that this dish was also solid.

Everyone was well-fed and the service was first rate. We felt very well-taken care of and the welcome glass of Prosecco was quite nice.

I was told that the espresso Martini here was really good…I’m not a coffee fan, so I’ll never know. They had a delightful Bellini cocktail served with a split of rosé, a scoop of sorbet and a drizzle of raspberry coulis that also drew rave reviews.

We had a great family evening. I will probably visit more often since it’s so close to our house and has a great happy hour.


Looks great. Adding to my list for our next big family gathering. Only so many times we can go to Olive Pit, Lazy Dog, Chinese or Korean in the area.

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Just an FYI for you, I’m not a fan of the chicken Marsala and the chicken parm was only okay (and not usually on the regular menu).

Funny that you mentioned Olive Pit, @js76wisco! It has been under consideration as a potential dinner site, but the celebrant was feeling more Italian and steakhouse vibes than Mediterranean.