Who serves True Dover Sole (aka European Dover Sole)?

You used to be able to catch your own. Don’t know if Uni High still has them in the spring that was in the back of the school and there used to be a bunch in Ballona Creek, but that was many moons ago.

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Wow… I didn’t know there was a spring behind Uni, or that crawfish could be found in California waters. I figured places like Whole Foods sell them cooked because they travel from Louisiana and it’s hard to keep them fresh. :thinking:

Sorry about going off-topic folks. Carry on! The Dover Sole discussion is interesting. Can you tell the difference in taste?

I wouldn’t trust eating anything that has lived its life in the Ballona Creek. The factories that used to operate within eye distance of that creek used to dump untreated chemicals and other waste into it - probably for decades.

I remember as a kid touching some of the liquid coming out of one of the runoff pipes that was directly in line with the Hughes Aircraft facility. The liquid was clear and warm but it turned my hand a grayish color and smelled of solvents and petroleum. Couldn’t rinse off the color or smell in the creek. Went home and tried washing it off with no luck. I think it was either gasoline or paint thinner that got the color off. The smell didn’t go away for a couple of days.

The type of runoff that the creek catches year around is mostly from local street gutters. It’s not pleasant. I know crayfish require relatively clean water to thrive, but at the same time, they must tolerate some pretty nasty water quality in order to live in that creek.

Uni High has a natural artesian well that flows under/through it. That might be far less questionable than Ballona Creek.


Yeah. I’m not a fan of Water Grill, myself. I haven’t been often enough to truly judge if I’ve just had bad luck, but it’s not a place I choose.

Still, they have true Dover sole and I think they can cook that fish competently.

That will probably get me back in. I don’t think their QPR is great, but it’s quite a scene if that’s what you’re in the mood for, and there are several items that we enjoy.

“You have such a head for knowing. You know everything.” :wink: But seriously, that was interesting. @bulavinaka!


Not that I know everything, but have never forgotten a lot of stupid things I’ve done. :drooling_face:


According to foodspotting.com, some other restaurants serving at least “Dover Sole” :
The Grill on the Alley - HW(questionable)
Gulfstream - Newport Beach(looks legit)
Wolfgang Puck - Hotel BA(prob)
Bossa Nova(nope)
Caffe Roma - BH(can’t find on menu?)
Enterprise - SM(ehh)
Sor Tino - BW(maybe)

Maybe call and see if they have specials at : Marvin, Cafe Beaujolais, Patina, Papilles Bistro

Gulfstream looks like your best bet out of those.

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Dad used to catch them in Ballona Creek in the 20’s but then that was before Hughes aircraft existed.

But before Hughes, a lot of oil drilling covered the local coastline. Still, I’m sure your father knew better

Since he almost made 100, I don’t think it hurt him too much, and from the old photos that he showed me, there really wasn’t a lot of drilling in area he used to catch them. This was the same guy that used to pull off the side of the road snag a couple of prickly pears, peel them with his pocket knife, give me one as a snack to eat.


May your father’s endurance be a sign of yours. Great recollections of a Westside original.


I’ve forgotten a lot of everything, which is why I have great self confidence. :smiley:


It’s a miracle we survived. There’s now a term for the freedom some kids have. It’s called “free-range parenting”. Back then it was called “Get out of this house! You’re driving me crazy”.


Sorry to highjack this thread, but does anyone know where to get fresh calamari steaks? I can’t find them anywhere including Whole Foods or sprouts.

Cape Seafood and Provisions

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That’s not too far from me. Thanks for the advice.

I miss Gulfstream at the Century City Mall (or whatever it’s called now). Yes, yes, cooler spots have taken over. But it was my “Where to go when you want to be comforted” restaurant. Spacious booths, good martinis and comfortingly unhip atmosphere. They had my favorite bowl of New England style - not goopy - clam chowder in L.A.

Now about that Sole? :relaxed:

Maybe we’re turning this into the “where to get a particular - fill in the blank - seafood in So Cal” thread.

The Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills.

Is there a difference in taste or is it about purity?