Wine Glasses

I couldn’t find any recent threads on wine glasses and I’m currently down to one remaining wine glass between chips, cracks, knock-overs, etc.

I’m looking for a decent weekday wine glass that will work equally well for either reds or whites, feels balanced in the hand, drinks well, looks clean and simple and won’t break with daily use. I don’t have a dishwasher, so dishwasher-safe isn’t an issue, but not looking for something cheap, thick and heavy like a Libby wine glass. I’d like to purchase a box of 4-6 glasses, not individual pieces.

Any recs for something like this— an affordable, best bang for the buck wine glass?


Great idea for a thread! I look forward to seeing some of the responses don’t know how wine geek approved it is but CB2 has some nice shapes at very good prices.

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Thx, I’ll check those out!

I was looking at the different Luigi Bormioli glasses at BB&B (they are in the $50-$60ish range for a box of 4) online this morning, but I seem to remember not really liking the wine glasses at BB&B when I was last there pre-pandemic. I’m hoping this thread will turn up some decent alternatives.

I’ve had good luck with Schott Zwiesel Tritan sets. Good compromise of durability and feel / appearance. I feel like straight-walled glasses tend to be more durable. I’ve broken every Burgundy / tulip glass I’ve owned save one.

I see the price has gone up to $10.

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nice! thanks guys! K&L Hollywood is really close by— if I have some time next weekend, I’m going to pop over and check them out in person.

Zwiesel Glas Pure Tritan Crystal Stemware - 6 pack is about $85
I personally like Burgundy Red Wine Glass for every kind of wine.
Very sturdy but do not look or feel thick and heavy.
Extremely durable and nice to drink out of.

Least expensive high end glass - probably Glasvin Universal (Kato uses them), about $240 for 6 pack.


This is the answer.

I’m not sure K&L usually has them in stock, I think I had to order them.

Fuck any wine glasses too tall to fit in my dishwasher, or that aren’t dishwasher-safe.


it looks like the Zwiesel Tritans sound like the way to go (and the consensus here!!)… I’m not looking for a high end glass (least expensive or otherwise) for basic weekday wine drinking.

@Robert I checked K&L website and they have a several different Tritans in stock at the Hollywood store. If they don’t have the exact ones I want, it will still give me a really good idea of the quality of the glass and the hand feel. I can always order the glasses to be shipped to the store once I make my selection, if they don’t have them there. It looks like the Tritan Chianti or Bordeaux glasses (which they have in stock for $10ea) may be versatile enough for daily use.


I see they’re also using the Tritan brand for a series of plastic glasses. I’m going to get some for picnics.

Peasant. I wouldn’t put Mother’s wine glasses in the dishwasher even if they would fit. (Never tried)

Dishwasher-safe wine glasses are a fairly recent invention. Seems absurd to me to buy anything else, or to wash dishwasher-safe glasses by hand.

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seems like “Tritan” is being used for both a type of crystal made by Schott Zweisel (where lead is replaced by titanium and zirconium, leading to a stronger glass), as well as a type of plastic made by Eastman (which is clear and also now being used by Schott Zweisel to make plastic glasses), but as far as i can tell theres no technological overlap between the two Tritans…

Proper Southern people inherit such things. They don’t buy them. LOL.

How nice for you. The rest of us have to shop for ourselves.

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Can’t wait to inherit my parents’ mason jars.


Are you washing them in a dishwasher without soap?
I definitely hand wash my glasses and with a sponge and NO soap. Yep, sometimes about 30 of them after a wine tasting dinner.
I think soap might be detrimental your wine glasses.

Do also get a Riedel Polishing Cloth - it is a joy to use.