WSJ: Can You Carbo-Load Your Way to Good Health?


Whole-grain flour is nutritionally almost identical to white flour. Same glycemic index, 70-75. Actual whole wheat berries have a GI of around 40. Whole-grain pumpernickel is about 45.

Whole Wheat/Grain vs White Flour

That’s illiterate misinformation. The author confused whole grains with whole wheat flour.

I thought about that. That’s why I added Grains to my post. But, it is right on point. It’s not the glycemic index that sets them apart. What makes whole grain better is fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

Whole-grain bread is mostly simple carbohydrates. Comparing it with white bread is statistically misleading: it has more vitamins and minerals, and a little fiber, but still not a significant amount. It’s like honey vs. white sugar or grass-fed vs. grain-finished beef.