WSJ: Pastrami on Rye: The 6 Best Places to Eat New York’s Signature Sandwich

Too bad. Not my idea of a comfortable way to enjoy the sandwich, so we’ll just have to wait until spring.

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First trip to Katz’s on Sunday. What’s a tourist to do the day after a massive blizzard? Walk to Katz’s. I had a pastrami sandwich with mustard, nothing else.

(1) Worth the 20 bucks.
(2) It didn’t look as large as it actually was. I was uncomfortably full for the next several hours and didn’t have anything more than a little snack in the evening.
(3) It wasn’t the best pastrami that I’ve ever had, but it was very good.
(4) I’d return, but not alone, to share a sandwich and something else.

Where did you get the best pastrami you ever had?

Probably from a couple of “pop up” type things in the SF Bay Area. One was a butcher shop that made some as a ‘one off’ and the other was a local restaurant that had a house-made pastrami sandwich for a short time. In the case of 1, I took it home and steamed the slices for sandwiches, and the other wasn’t completely traditional, but was delicious.

great line, Ipse!

I love pastrami and it is not hard to get decent pastrami in NYC. But the real problem is there is no decent rye bread in any of the real delis. For a good pastrami on rye you have to go to Los Angeles because the rye in LA is not a wonderrye, it has body.


Langer’s Deli, in L.A.


That’s not a Langer’s pastrami sandwich. It’s a blasphemous cross between a Langer’s pastrami sandwich and a Reuben from any mediocre deli.

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Katz is good.

Where you go in NY ?

Fine and Shapiro, 138 W. 72nd, because it is close to where I stay. It’s
Kosher so you can’t get a Ruben because they don’t serve meat with cheese.

iz Ok, i don’t get cheese or mayo on my pastramee.

What make Los Angeles a better place for the sandwich is that LA rye bread is way better the rye in N.Y.

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Where does Langers get their bread?

But they re-bake it.

The #19 is an offense against all that is holy.

I drive by Fred’s Bakery regularly, and never thought to stop. As for the #19, that is not my kind of food, but I do love a good rye.

Thank you!

Nothing should go on that delicious bread except meat and mustard.


I think there are a lot of good sandwiches you could make with that bread. It’s nice just toasted with eggs.


Of course. The tuna melt at Langers is delicious. I’m sure you’d could make a mean patty melt with that bread.

I think the #19 is a crime.