Yai (Vermont Av.) downhill?

Apparently recently changed management, or at least, all the FOH staff.

Went there with Cam The Man four weeks back (he was previously a BIG fan, going back to his middle-school days, and Yai had been a required stop on the way back from LAX whenever he gets into town early enough.)


Non-noodle orders came out without the accompanying order of sticky rice (and without explanation) and when we asked why we were told that the rice was “still being cooked”. (This at 6:30 pm on a weekday?!?). Larb, but no rice? Really?

They were also out of iced coffee, at 6:30 pm., on a weekday.

One noodle order was nowhere to be seen, by the time we’d almost finished everything else, and when we asked, the waiter ran back to the kitchen, and then returned, advising us that it would be out “in four or five minutes”.

Food, meanwhile, was, well, OK, but nowhere near the previous standard; items that Cam the Man ordered “spicy” (which previously there had meant sweat-breaking, face-reddening HOT for me) were, even by my less macho estimation, somewhere between “mild” and “medium” (in the “gringo medium”, not “Thai medium” range).

What the heck? Have they gotten their act together, or will they crash and burn?