10/30 -- Cocktails & Dessert at The Woolworth, Dallas, TX

Following our meal at RJ, we traveled a short distance to The Woolworth, in downtown Dallas.

The Woolworth is located at 1520 Elm Street, above Campizi’s. The vibe is the place is craft-cocktail casual meets youthful, successful hipsters. OK, that might sound like a turn-off for some, but I don’t mean it to be. It’s both excellent and relaxed, with none of the über-fancy, snooty it-takes-20-minutes-to-make-each-cocktail-but-what-price-perfection? attitude. It’s simply a place to relax, get together with good friends over some exceptional cocktails and (presumably) good food.

Please note: I cannot speak to the the food (thus the “presumably” in the above sentence); I can, however, speak to the two desserts we shared (below).

For cocktails, we had the “Smoke & Spice” (lime, jalapeño and cumin, tequila, with a cayenne-sugared rim, the smoke coming for a chip of dry ice in the cocktail) – delicious, smooth, with a spicy lips-on-fire-kiss-me-qick! finish. Also, the “Old Fashioned Vanilla” (rye whiskey, vanilla-infused simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and garnished with a cinnamon stick) that I feared might be too sweet, but instead it was perfectly balanced and velvety-smooth. We also had a smoky Mezcal cocktail that was clean and fresh, with a nice smoky finish, and another cocktail made using real Scotch that I cannot recall the ingredients . . . Needless to say, Mikey the mixologist took great care of the four of us and the drinks were superb!

The desserts included a blueberry creme brulée with a hint of banana that was just wonderful, and an excellent grilled pound cake with housemate vanilla ice cream and a touch of whipped cream.

This was the perfect “nightcap” to our evening . . . .