2/26 is last one, we have a mini-meet going. FTC meetup Friday 9/25 at Warehouse Sale?

Thanks for the update. Will have to try to go back again soon.

Make sure to check if they’re open. They didn’t even have the sign up this past Friday and it was deserted when I went in, had to flag down a forklift driver to get the guy for me.

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My shelves are overflowing but I’d be tempted to go again if they still had the premium meats. Nope. They said guys were coming in and snatching up as much as they could carry, lol. I can see why. I’m starting to wonder how much frozen meat & seafood we probably eat in restaurants, because even defrosted these were sooo good.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Strip Steak w/Blue Cheese Compound Butter

So marbled I just wiped out the pan from cooking bacon for the salad and added no extra oil.

A little too rare even for me, lol.

”Kobe-style American Boneless Ribeye” w/Sautéed Shroom Medley & Scallion Ginger Oil

I couldn’t bring myself to use my pricey non-stick GreenPan @js76wisco (baby steps), but I did do this one in a dry, cold pan with no oil, flipping it a lot. It took longer, but there was less smoke & splattering and look at that crust! :blush:

Perfect. I don’t care what they called this piece of meat, it was melt in your mouth buttery, beefy. So good. :hearts::blush::hearts:


Literally my first thought was how perfect that looked! I like to think I’m handy in the kitchen but I’m not so good at cranking out steaks like in your pictures.


Thanks @WireMonkey! I’ve been practicing. I have a big two-sided grill pan that works well but is heavy to lug out for one steak, so I’ve been using the CI - that and a meat thermometer has been working out well. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I knew there’d be someone who’d disagree with the too rare thing. :grin:


I was surprised they had as much as they did when I went last week. I still saw some packs along with some foie too.

Did you talk to him this week? Are they done for sure?

It’ll be a sacrifice, but I’ll jump on that grenade for you if it’s too much. :wink:You know how to get a hold of me.

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Oh really! Last time I went I asked about frozen chicken (for my neighborhood fridge) and he said no chicken and hardly any meat left. Since I was focused on those lobster heads I didn’t press it. Hmmm…

Deal. :wink:

YAY!! I finally have Friday free and it looks like dis is it! I’ll be there with the Baby Yoda mask in the morning new product bags if anyone wants to go splitzies.



Yup, looks like this Friday is it! I just went last week, but will swing by to do one last walk through

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Okay, so I’m reading the Reddit post and now thinking it was the end of the day and he must’ve been trying to get rid of me, because he definitely said I was getting the last of the lobster meat… that’s not what the post says! I’ll be on his azz mañana. :grin:


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I just got back and it was fun to see @Dommy and @TheCookie . I got there at 10 am, guess I just missed you and @hppzz who was also there soon after they opened. My contact said he had just showed up when I walked in.

Obviously there’s not going to be a deal for every single item. They literally have thousands of items available and only a partial inventory on the floor. That’s why there’s been a spreadsheet available listing everything. It’s a warehouse sale, you need to talk to the guy and look for yourself.

Some items I got that was cheaper than any retail store or I can’t get elsewhere

  • 5lb jug of honey for $9 vs 13+ in Smart & Final which is the cheapest I’ve found for non-organic

  • 40 oz Organic Blue Agave for $5 vs 16 oz for $6-7 at grocery stores

  • 2lb pack of frozen vacuum packed fully cooked Octopus tentacles for $11/lb. These heated up easily for a meal. I can’t find that easily anywhere and not at that price.

  • The case of 40/6oz portions of Sun Noodles and 1.9 liter Ramen base for $22/$28 that @hppzz spotted on the list, they grabbed and mentioned previously. That was a good deal for me and it’s been great to have that

  • White and Red miso paste 2 lb bags for $2 ea. Same brand at asian grocery stores start at $4-5

Those are just some of the items I got that were good deals. Furthermore, everything was priced with tax included, so I was saving another 10% on some items.

None of these items were easily noticed if you just walked in and out. They were either tucked away or you had to ask the guy about it.

He was super friendly about pulling, weighing and pricing items when requested. @TheCookie was negotiating per lb pricing on some items.

So it may have been a waste of time to you but sure seems like a lot of pretty knowledgeable people from this site found good deals that was worth their time.


I had a wonderful time! Forgot to snap a shot of my box… I ended up with WAY more than I thought I would and all of great quality and more importantly could fit in my overloaded pantry and fridge (which has a tray of bagels resting taking up a whole shelf… but that’s someone’s else’s story!

I thought i would have to buy a large amount of items which is why I was always hesitant to go… we have a small frige and limited pantry area… But in the end I was able to get small portions of things at a great deal… my favorite items included…

– Plumpy cuts of Sea Bass
– Trimed Kurabora Pork Chops
– A GIANT tube of Vermont Creamery Butter (This stuff is my favorite… it’s like cheese butter)
– 1lb loaf of frozen and ready cooked Tamago!! I love tamago with just rice and soy sauce… this will be devoured!

I got other odds and ends like a good size bag of Hawaiian Black Salt, a Bag of Frozen Root Veggie fries and a small bag of Paella Rice. I passed on the giant cuts of meat, big bag of short ribs, pasta (Including Gnocchi). I would have used them but again, had storage constraints. SUPER nice folks. Easy straightforward check out process. Sad that they aren’t going to do this again… as it reminded me of the old days at Epicure Imports… when it was just open a box and see what treasure lies within. :slight_smile:



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Vermont creamery butter is the best! Jealous, I do get the 1lb chubs at Clark st.

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It really is. I stopped buying because of how CRAZY rich and flavorful it is. Our house butter durung the pandemic is Trader Joes Cultured, which is nowhere close, but gives you that sweet butter kiss and is excellent in baked goods. Over on the Trader Joes Subreddit… people are doing Butter tastings… it’s been fun seeing the different tastes that people have and what things are being ranked at (It was inspired by Trader Joes recent introduction of an excellent quality New Zealand Butter)



I really like the cultured Brittany butter but it doesn’t work on my homemade biscuits with my gaviota-Pinot jam (running out just in time for strawberry season!) because of the salt

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Yeah. It has an inherent saltiness to it for sure. Thankfully Trader Joes also selling Unsalted Kerrygold. That is what we use for baked sweets.

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Maybe I should give it another chance but Kerrygold always tastes like cheddar cheese to me. Not necessarily a bad thing, just oddly specific flavor. Does that make sense?

HA! That is what has been funny about the butter tastings. Some of the butters I love… people are like STRAIGHT UP GRASS. I’m like… AND!!! LOL!! Better that than #buttergate!