2022 Thai Town update?

What’s the move in Thai Town these days? I was planning on going to dinner at Northern Thai Food Club tonight but I’m a little worried about long lines. What’s the sensible walkable detour? Stick in the same center and just do Pa Ord? I’ve a soft spot for Sapp, but they’ll likely be closed by the time I could get there. Ruen Pair was solid last time I went, maybe I need to lean into their Isaan items more. Anybody been to Pailin recently? How is Jitlada since Tui died?

Or is the move to just bang bang all of Hollywood and Sunset?

Side note: How is Isaan Station? I haven’t been since the pandemic :frowning:

Also, for wine: Lolo or Tabula Rasa?


That Pa Ord was great before the pandemic.

Tabula Rasa if you want to order by the glass, Lolo if you want to order bottles or site outside. I love both.

No bueno on my last visit.

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Woah, missed this Lolo write up. Looks great, I’ll have to check it out soon!

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Ugh, used to be one of my favorites, if only for the chicken and Tom saab


They had the best Gai Yang……


Same, albeit takeout, but not good. The tom saab at The Silverlake House (Leela Thai) is much more vibrant. They have some Lao stuff hidden on their menu that I discovered through that YouTube series about ThaiTown @robert posted a few months back.

Hope it was just an off night but I really didn’t enjoy the gai yang at all - had almost no smoke or flavoring.

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I like Ruen for a specific set of things, specifically the salty turnip and egg, and the kao moo pad kaprow. Rodded is slept on, but it closes so early I don’t go as much as I’d like. Same with Siam Sunset.

Pailin I still love. For me it’s the Larb Tod, Hoi Jaw, spicy shrimp balls, Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeao, and the Spicy Catfish.

I’m curious about Jitlada too. And then Lacha Somtum. And how Luv2Eat is holding up.


Northern Thai food club was very good last night, though I don’t think it’s my favorite menu in town. Did khao soi, the jackfruit salad, gaeng hang lae, and the sausage. They got some outdoor tables going as well


Legit spent a year in bkk, most of it living in an Isaan neighborhood, and Isaan Station was a godsend on my return. It was so good for a while.


Awesome! I made the mistake of going to Pa Ord last time since I remember loving the boat noodles. Very disappointed with that meal.
Hoping it was an off day.
Glad you enjoyed Northern Thai Food Club! I’ll have to make it in soon.
What’s your favorite menu in town nowadays set0312?

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This is controversial, but I might find myself at Sapp more than anywhere else. The combo of jade noodles plus boat noodles yanks me back to all the shopping mall boat noodles I’ve had in Bangkok. (I also think Sapp has had a bit of a renaissance with their ingredient quality lately.)

But I’ve gotta put in the time again, ha. Was in Thai town so much more b4 the pandemic


Sapp also got sen chan pad pu, solid stir frys like krapow and crispy pork Chinese broccoli, they got Thai spam, all of their drinks got that crushed ice that makes a basic tea and coffee tastes so much better on a hot day, @J_L reports they have a seasonal pandan drink last year.

They are pretty damn solid. At this point probably considered an LA classic.

Ruen Pair, they got a whole Thai-Chinese menu straight from Bangkok Chinatown. Order a big bowl of khao tom (rice soup, not quite broken down like canto/HK porridge more watery).

-Omelette with turnips.
-Ong Choy.
-Stir fry thousand year old eggs.
-Basil and clams.
-Braised duck.

Very much follows the southern Chinese tradition of late night meal.

I know I know people always mentioned the papaya salad but it’s better to get that from a Isaan specialist or a auntie.


Pandan drink now replaced by a effing bomb longan drink. With longans inside. Super refreshing, even though Chinese ancestors would disapprove (too much hot qi on a warm day lolol)…


Luv2eat and Jitlada remain excellent. Definitely get the kua kling at both. Jitlada’s is still one of the spiciest dishes in LA.

Lacha Somtum still makes a great som tum as does Northern Thai Food Club.


Apparently they’re unaware of the qi friendly LLD summer blend😏



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Welcome to FTC!


With a name like Lacha Somtum, I expected great som tum. I thought it was just ok. Wanted more funk and flavor.

Best sum tum for my money is still Ruen Pair with the raw crab. Right amount of funk, sweet and sour. Sometimes too spicy even if I order medium spice.

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