21 and over only restaurant/bar - have you heard of?

I would like to have posted this on the LA board but clearly it wouldn’t fit. Hopefully some will see. We have a place opening in Reno this month that will 21+.


South Reno, where it is, is quite white and young and trendy and seemingly plenty of money. Do y’all have things like this? I think it’s stupid and a bad business decision. There’s something else about it that annoys me that I can’t quite put a finger on. I did comment on their FB that I’ve been far less annoyed by children than rowdy adults (which it seems they’re courting).

Anyway what’s up with this? TIA.

Father’s Office has been “21 and over only” for as long as I recall. What’s the issue here?

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I see that FO is order at the counter and no table service. I wonder if that’s it. I know in WA State there has to be a physical barrier between the bar and food areas. Not a wall, just some kind of barrier.

If you’re banning children, then you lost the families who would like to join another for an early meet-up. But my “issue” is why do it? Don’t you lose more than you gain?

Even parents occasionally long to hang out with other adults without having to watch over any kids. Must they go to a strip club to do so?

I see zero problems with marketing and catering restaurants to the age 21+ sector of the population.

Your views on “rowdy adults” remain yours.

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Well, can’t they hang out with adults and yet allow others to have their kids there? Remember I’m 71 :slight_smile:

My point about “rowdy adults” is that I’ve found more louder adults than kids. And I don’t find that a deal breaker.

I’m going to be interested in seeing how it works out for them. I wish all new businesses success.

Well, can’t there be a place for adults to be at ease where no kids are allowed? Remember it’s 2018, and many of the target customers are not 71. :slight_smile:

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Actually at my age, I’m more forgiving of most.

What does an over 21 provide that allow adults to be “at ease”?

PS: I’m old and tired and going to bed :smile:

What does your age have to do with this discussion?

Because what we’re discussing is a (very common) preference of many adults in our society. These are adults who, regardless of whether they have kids or not, who would occasionally like to congregate and dine in a place where there is no possibility of any kids interrupting their conversation or causing distractions. What is so wrong with that concept?


I’m with J_L on this one. There are plenty of places that allow kids, even the most upscale. I’ve served my time.

So it sounds like this is not unusual in your area(s)?

I only mention my age to show that I’M not bringing kids to these places.

If a place is more of a bar that serves food than a restaurant that serves drinks, it makes sense to me to ban minors. I find it bizarre when I’m drinking in a place that feels like a bar and somebody brings in kids.

I don’t know about Nevada liquor laws, but in California, a restaurant that serves hard liquor can be licensed either as type 47 (restaurant) or type 48 (bar / tavern). Type 47 can serve minors but must “operate and maintain the licensed premises as a bona fide eating place” and make “actual and substantial sales of meals for consumption on the premises.”

Type 48 can serve food or not, so it might make more sense if you figured you would make most of your money from the bar and don’t want to have to keep the kitchen open most of the day, every day.

Good distinction.

I don’t know NV law plus it gets into lots of them have slot machines up at the bar. I do now that one that we frequent has little kids there on weekends when they serve breakfast. But not up at the bar.