24 Hours in Philadelphia - Cheesesteak, Please

If you can recommend an old-school, classic Philadelphia cheesesteak place for college kids, I would appreciate it.

Nothing new or trendy or fancy, please They will be visiting the usual tourist sites before heading to D.C. The more “local” the better, with some tradition behind it.

Thank you!

john’s roast pork and tony luke’s for cheesesteaks
dinic’s in the reading terminal market for roast pork sandwiches with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe
paesano’s for everything else

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I’ve never been, but I saw this post and remembered this Lucky Peach article: http://luckypeach.com/guides/how-to-understand-and-enjoy-cheesesteaks/

Also, my hero ?uestlove’s Top 5 Philly Cheesecake Sandwiches: Questlove's Top 5 Philly Cheesesteak Spots

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Thanks,. This gives us a definite starting point. I’ve only been twice, and I ate pizza. :slight_smile:

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Pat’s (circa 1930s) for Cheese Steak - located smack in the heart of south Philly and across from the more colorful and loud Geno’s. Also need to get the lingo down before ordering: wit, wiz etc etc.

John’s (circa 1930s) for pork sandwich, although their cheesesteak is pretty good too.

Also check out Isgro’s (circa 1904) for terrific old school italian pastries and cookies. Excellent cannoli.

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They went to Pat’s. Good call, @Sgee , it was fun and perfect for college kids in the “food is fuel” age group.

I asked for a photo and this is what I got.

Can you tell from this photo that they are not foodies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:+1: Glad it worked out. Pat’s gets a bad rap as not being a ‘local’ spot, I think it’s pretty good.

Not local? Haven’t they been the 1930’s?

i grew up in philly and never went to pat’s. i would compare it to pink’s in la.


Gotta say, I would have gone to Tony Luke’s based solely on their website’s terrible/awesome photoshopping of the sandwich in his hand.


Pat’s is quite good, not the best, however terrific atmosphere. Give it a shot next time you’re in Philly. Pat’s/John’s/Isgro bang ^2

Angelos is closed on Tuesday. The only night I had free for dinner. Ugh. My friend at work suggested Wood St Pizza. The pizza and cheesesteak were fantastic. No indoor dining so we ate outside and would be happy to eat this stuff outside anytime.


You can try for a walk in at Laser Wolf for one.

Chef Solomonov places…any of them are a sure shot.

If you will be in Philly until Saturday check out South Philly Barbacoa they open early weekend mornings.

John’s Roast Pork is also good for cheesesteaks and roast porks.

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Why do they close so early? Why does Redding Terminal close so early? Thanks for the other recs I added to my list.

My friend also recommended Woodrow’s and Ishkabibble. Which of the Solomonov places are easiest to get into with no reservations?

Main Line here. Same.

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Favorite water ice flavor?

Herrs or Utz?

Favorite Tasty Kake?

Whiz, provolone, or Cooper sharp on a cheesesteak?

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Grandma Utz. Provolone.

Utz’s Zapp’s chips are the way to go.

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