$300 at Sur La Table - What Should I Buy?

Got a bunch of stuff as birthday gifts I’m returning for ~$300. I cook 4-5 times a week at home. We have a pretty good arsenal of equipment and I’d say I’m a pretty decent home cook. Leaning towards a sous vide machine like Anova or the Instapot. People seem to really love this instapot. We already have a high end rice cooker and a crock pot so was leaning towards the Anova. I work from home so the speed/convenience of the Instapot doesn’t really do much for me.

Anybody come across any good tools or equipment lately?

If o had to go to a desert island with just one, I would take the Anova over Instantpot. I use both regularly, but I can’t replicate what a sous vide does. With a Dutch oven, I can replicate pretty much anything a pressure cooker does (given time, of course).

Save up and get this ice cream maker.

Cuz summer is right around the corner.

Weber 22.5" Smokey Mountain

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Not knowing what’s in your kitchen, how about going for things in your dining room? Or food ‘items’?

Thanks, this confirms my earlier thought process. Between a crock pot, dutch oven and rice cooker the Instapot seems unnecessary.

Already have one of these bad boys but I haven’t been using it enough so thanks for the reminder. Maybe I’ll smoke something this week with nice weather finally hitting the OC.

Has my wife been emailing you on the side? Please don’t put any thoughts into her head. She is trying to take my $300 to buy new serving dishes and flatware.

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I consider cooking and serving simpatico.

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You are a bad bad man. That ice cream maker looks sweet but way out of my budget. I just found out that the Smart N Final near the Salt N Straw on Ventura Blvd carries dried ice. I’m making monthly pilgrimages and stocking up. I don’t think I’d ever get enough use out of that gorgeous machine.

I would tend to agree. I think our existing serving dishes an flatware from our wedding registry is holding up well. The wife wants to upgrade. I’ve seen this movie before.

Well, it IS your birthday money. And it IS your partnership. I’ll bow out. Oh, but, have you looked at their ‘other’ stuff?

Oh, but, have you looked at their ‘other’ stuff?

…are we still talking about cooking?

If you have a rice cooker and a crockpot, an electric pressure cooker is semi-redundant.

Not a destination for these items… save up for the fancy frenchy stuff

Anova sounds like a good option, compact doesn’t take up much space.

Sign up for their sale emails. IMO Sur La Table is overpriced, but they have great sales. I snagged a large All-Clad sauce pan for 60% off and a Sauté for 40% off. My boys bought me the 5-1/2 Qt Le Creuset Dutch Oven for about $250. Have fun!

Do you mean expensive? I think SLT has lovely things. In my kitchens I have pretty much run out of anything I need. But for dining, switching things around can always be pleasant.

If I had $300 to spend at SLT, I’d probably get a Le Creuset oval pot in between the two sizes I currently have.


Off topic, can you imagine the day that you’d say ‘no, I really don’t want anything more.’ I’m at that point. Walked through a small but great kitchen shop in Vancouver and didn’t see a single thing that even remotely tempted me. Granted I’m almost 70 y.o. so I’ve had longer than many here.

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For the price is the Anova the best sous vide machine out there?