626 Lobster

In case anyone is looking for an alternative to Newport Seafood (or Chiu Chow restaurants of that ilk), then 626 Lobster is a viable option.

Kitchen staff trained at Newport, with a couple of stops in-between. So same-old, same-old dishes. No surprises. Prices comparable, maybe a dime or two cheaper.

I do wish they’d put more effort (or some effort?) into their fried rice, though.

626 Lobster
SE Corner of Valley and Walnut Grove
Rosemead, CA

Any particular reason to go here over Newport besides shorter wait?

You can walk down half-a-block on Valley and get some McDonald’s soft serve after dinner.

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Is Boston Lobster still alive?

It still astounds me how busy Newport continues to be. I wonder how their BH location is doing though.

It’s the feng shui.

Newport Seafood QPR remains exceptionally high

My ears perked up when I read there is a Westside location for an SGV restaurant, but reading Newport Seafood’s online menus, it looks like the BH menu is very limited compared to Rowland Heights and San Gabriel.

Parking, good service and a relatively nice dining area helps - or is that feng shui too?

Well sheeoot, as long as they have the signature lobster/crab and beef loc lac on the menu (and they do) - that’s what 99% of the people order anyways. And the cooking at the New Port Beverly Hills location is just as deft. And you can enjoy it usually without the wait (or the drive to SGV, in case you are starting from Westside), all of which makes it a perfectly acceptable alternative to the mothership.

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Hey, I like your attitude. Okay, I’m in.

On a side note, 1) why do the foreign characters on the menus look Vietnamese; and 2) is Chinese abalone chewy, or is it tender like Japanese/Italian prep?

That’s because it is. If you will recall that New Port’s food is Sino-Vietnamese. Chinese abalone is tender, AFAIK.


It’s a Chiu Chow restaurant.

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And $10 lunch specials, too. Don’t understand why the lunchtime crowds are so sparse.

Had a family gathering here Saturday night and it was great. Consensus was that it’s better than Boston Lobster and comparable to Newport Seafood. During their opening special the lobster is $13.95 a pound, crab a buck cheaper. Other entrees are strong, too. Deep fried tofu was probably the best I’ve had, seafood soup, gai lan with fish skin, French beef, seafood soup, basil fish, basil clams were all excellent. Restaurant never did fill up on Saturday. We’ll see how long that lasts.


this location will soon be another branch of delicious food corner

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