800 degrees POTD now $5

FYI - 800 degrees changed their POTD special over the weekend so they are now $5 instead of 50% off.

still not avail on weekends, tho?

No, still only available M-F.

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What is POTD?

Pie of the Day. Or President of the Deliciousness.

Wooohooo a great alternative to my usual $1 tacos

It’s a good deal. But no substitutions.

Not in LA all that much but figured POTD meant Pizza Of The Day (pretty close). Google article says they sell 350 a day. Are they THAT good or is it more the price?

Their pizzas normally go for between $7 and $12 so if the POTD is a combo you like, it’s a good deal.

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That’s pretty inexpensive. Are they small?

Not that small. My hubby and I got two POTD (a verde, aka basil white pizza) and could barely finish. It was rich but it also wasn’t tiny. Maybe 10"?

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Gotta say that, in my world, a10" pizza is small.

yesterday’s POTD was sorta glorious for $5.45.

artichokes, pesto, feta, some chix. the baker had no idea wtf he’s doing as there was no blistering but, he was crushed by the line so…

the 10" pie is really perfect for one person, and I’m “OK” with that. gotta fit into the skinny jeans.


these days I can’t even fit into my fucking fat jeans.

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LOL. I know the feeling.

Maybe but - it’s rich. And now that I think of it, a tad bigger than 10" My bad!

It is generally sufficient for 1 individual without making you feel uncomfortable afterwards. These are not pizzas for sharing with a group, that’s for sure.

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Okay so work has put me close to a 800 degrees and I must say the POTD is the greatest food value in all of SoCal. It’s $5.45 after tax for a personal pizza which they cut into 6 slices. Yesterday was verde w/ pepperoni and red onions. For $5 fucking dollars it just cannot be beat.

I bought a second one to bring home for the wife - 2 glorious pizzas for $13 after tax and tip, less than the cost of a single sandwich from Langers pre-tax pre-tip.

The POTD combination doesn’t always work but for $5 I don’t give a shit. Just don’t buy the drink, cuz the $2.75 fountain drink is outrageous when compared to the $5 POTD.

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just F this POTD for not being avail on weekends anymore.

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Alas, the POTD is now $6.99. I guess this means the economy is improving.