8am bang bang bang

Devils dozen donuts
Bird rock coffee
Crack shack

Very good donuts at devils dozen. Our favorite of the bunch were the donut holes and breakfast sandwich. Egg, cheddar and bacon on a fried donut. The donut was not sweet just a nice fried doughy roll. Old fashion a little greasy but excellent flavor and glaze. Getting there early has benefits they were basically getting them to order.

Bird rock probably doesn’t count since we just got coffee. But great coffee as usual.

Crack shack chicken sandwich was amazing. My only gripe is that nobody told us they were open at 7am so we were too full to order more than 1 sandwich. Brioche bun was not overly sweet, perfectly smushy but still maintained good integrity. Chicken was huge, moist, flavorful and the crust didn’t crack your teeth. We really enjoyed the aioli, arugala and fennel which went week with the sauce and hot sauce. Great sandwich.

Liked crack shack’s fried chicken too. Wish they had more shade for hot days. Nice effort!!!

Maybe used as breakfast sandwiches may make them better, but their donuts don’t really taste like donuts to me. They almost taste like sweet dinner rolls. They taste fine, but just not like donuts.

We only had the old fashioned but none of their yeast donuts outside of the donut holes. Donut holes were tasty enough but much fluffier than most donut holes. So I guess when the donut is used as a roll for a breakfast sandwich it’s hard to tell. But given that Crack Shack is open at 7am on the weekends and my kids wake up at an ungodly hour we probably won’t be back much to Devil’s Dozen since they open at 8am.

Our squad sticks to the classic for end of graveyard shift “dinner” at 7 am…The Waterfront.

That is the bar right across from Devil’s Dozen - the sign with oldest bar in San Diego? There were around 5-7 people there having some drinks at 8am on Sunday. Seems like a great place for graveyard shift dinner, breakfast or whatever.

Waterfront- got thrown out of there once many years ago.

But you’ve all heard that story.

oh yes! a solid standby.

MOST impressive to ejected from The Waterfront.