99 Ranch Market & Asian Food Court Coming to Westwood

Woohoo! According to tagline reported by commercial real estate site CoStar (paywall).

It’ll be in the old Ross space (previously occupied by Borders; on Westwood Blvd. between Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvds.). I was kinda hoping it would be in the old Albertson space on Palms and Sepulveda next to the 405, but nonetheless, it’ll be a great thing for the UCLA community and the Westside community at large.


What?!?! Amazing hopefully this ranch doesn’t jack up the prices.

I’d pay a certain amount above usual prices for the convenience factor. There is so much vacant square footage in that area these days.

I’m more worried about traffic flow. It’s gonna be popular, and if memory serves, the parking lot underground in that space is not the biggest.


That parking lot is small, but this is great news nonetheless!!!


That is true I schlep pretty far for chinese groceries and this will make the commute a lot shorter. I’m sure it’ll be packed.


What???!!! That’s amazing! yeah, I wish it was in that old Albertson space too. Traffic and parking would be so much easier than the Ross spot. But I’ll take it!

Yah, that’s my immediate concern too. I haven’t been to that spot in ages though and can’t place the size of the lot.

Having a food court too!

How small is small? And my vague recollection was the traffic flow to get in and out was bad. But it’s been quite a while. When we lived on Sawtelle, we used to walk to that area for food, etc instead of dealing with traffic and parking.

What is even better is the Ranch 99 effect, aka the influx of restaurants to follow. Predicting a Meet Fresh soon after.


Meet Fresh would be very profitable around UCLA!


From the Meet Fresh website:


Westwood Village

10923 Wayburn Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Coming Soon


This is really exciting.
I wonder if the incredible seafood variety will come with. Most Westside markets have such limited options.

甲鱼汤, anyone?


It’s real. With Tehrangeles mixed in, it’ll be Silk Road L.A.


Very smart.

Wow, I guess it wasn’t really a prediction. They will likely have epic lines just like the East Village location.



Holy cow. Chinese, Persian, Thai, Indian, Italian, and Greek (has anyone tried the Greek place) in like a 2 block radius. And 99 Ranch + Bristol Farms + Sprouts + CVS + LADOT + great Korean mom-and-pop tailor make this, like, one of most convenient neighborhoods the universe has ever seen. :smiley:


Ha we go to the same tailor


the timing vis a vis the pandemic intrigues me; will there be that many foreign students on campus this fall? i understand oxy (occidental) won’t be having classes.

UCLA will mainly be offering hybrid classes but still plans to have several thousand students living on-campus.

Even through they aren’t going through the requirement for in person classes for international students, if UCLA is anything like USC, a lot of the international students just didn’t leave… at ALL. It was actually really hard to get into China and India when classes ended and honestly, the students were more than happy to stay here even though things were not all that less ‘germy’ as it were. The shops at USC village and others in the area started to offer these students specific items in language and at low cost rates. Revolutionario even arranged for some food bank drop offs because the choice left them strapped a bit for cash…


And with the traffic lightening during the pandemic, the likely employees for this 99 Ranch location (many of whom live in the SGV) may finally agree to the commute to Westside…

and when the pandemic ends? hire the international students under the table?

i think it realistic to expect price markups compared to branches in the SGV. but i imagine they’ve done their due diligence in determining what the market will bear.