A Carnitas Specialist Arrives - The 11 Types of Carnitas of the Unnamed Taco Stand on Slauson [Thoughts + Pics]



I always get so hungry after reading your posts, @Chowseeker1999…even if I’ve eaten immediately before so. Sounds and looks delightful!

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Thanks @attran99. :slight_smile: I got hungry too, writing about it and looking at the pics just now. :slight_smile:

CARNITAS on that sign is not a heading.

I would say it is… All of those items are found in Carnitas and you can various choices like this at other Carnitas specialists. Like I was excited to see Cueritos on the list… however, they don’t look like the epic ones at El Rey in Oxnard…



Yes it is. George explained how they cook the pig, and each of those cuts are prepared the same way.

As always nice find and thanks for the review. I am always searching for good tacos!

That area has so much street food.

@Chowseeker1999 If you like Beef Birria…

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Oh wow, this is reason enough for a trip to LA. Our fave Mexican place up here regularly has a special of chicharron tacos which I loved so much I’ve made them at home. Too bad “Anglos” are skeered of lamb birria. Thanks a mil for this.

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Hi @Dommy,

Ooh! I’ve never heard of El Rey. Besides Cueritos what other types of Carnitas do they sell / that you’d recommend? :slight_smile: Is that your favorite right now?

BTW, if you find yourself in Downtown LA, Villa Moreliana (at GCM) serves Cueritos Carnitas as well (it’s so good, and my favorite version right now). :slight_smile:

They also do Buche, Costillas and Pata. Mostly though, we get a mix which includes their epic cueritos. And yep, that is my current favorite. Although, locally I do like the pick your own at Zamora Bros. They often have all the bits and pieces for you to select and weight out yourself… I will definately have to check this place out though! It’s not far from us at all!



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Thanks @Dommy! Can’t wait to try these places soon. :slight_smile:

I don’t see that they’re cooking their riñones or hidago any differently from the usual guisados (braised).

There’s a style of carnitas where they braise a quarter or side of pork or whole pigs, including ribs, skin, ears, etc. Those places sometimes let you ask for specific cuts. But they don’t include the kidneys or liver, since they’d end up horribly overcooked. The whole kidney in that photo looks raw.

Hi @robert,

The family told me directly they cook all of the pork together in a comal, in the same preparation. They kidneys were overcooked as I noted. It’s the same style of prep for carnitas (like the 10 types at Villa Moreliana, or the multiple cuts at OC’s Carnitas Uraupan, or the 5 types at Metro Balderas).

Oops, just reread this. Goat not lamb. Mmm.

You didn’t say the kidneys were overcooked. Their terminology makes sense, then.

Hi @robert,

Ah weird, I thought I wrote that (I was writing a rough draft earlier and then cleaned up parts of it before posting). Thanks.

Have you (or anyone else) been back there recently? Just checking if they’re still around.

I saw them this past weekend as I was going to Mariscos Jalisco. I didn’t actually get food though; the line was way too long for my liking.

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