A Fishcake and Pancake Specialist From Korea’s Famous Gwangjang Market Just Opened Its First U.S. Location in the San Gabriel Valley

1033 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007


'According to one of the owners, Esther Kim, they were interested in “more diverse people seeking Korean street food.” ’

the 626 taiwanese kids spending mommy’s & daddy’s $ perhaps?

Gotta say that auto play video at the top of the restaurant’s website is oddly hypnotic.

Now open in Chino Hills


This whole time I thought bbq chicken’s rose tteokbokki was some gringo item made for the American market but it’s actually Korean street food.


Do you mean the rice cakes themselves or the prep/dish overall?

I’m guessing the rose part, which comes from adding milk/cream to standard tteokbokki. This whole thing of adding cheese and dairy to everything is definitely going on in Korea, it’s not just Koreatown.

I feel like early on KTown had a small influence on Korea in this trend, but it really exploded and diversified there, and now most of the influence goes in the other direction. Indeed most new developments in street food are coming from Korea now.