A Flavor Explosion - The Delicious Northern Thai (Off-Menu) Dishes of Pailin Thai Cuisine! [Thoughts + Pics]



Thanks for showcasing some of these dishes! I gotta try that young jackfruit salad!

Pailin is one of the greats.

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Funny they don’t put those dishes on the menu given the number of people who seek them out.

Spicy BBQ does a good nam prik oom.

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Thanks @JeetKuneBao! :slight_smile: Yah, definitely get the Young Jackfruit Salad.

What are some of your favorite dishes at Pailin?

Hi @robert,

Yah I agree. When we asked, our server said that all of the Thai people just know, and ask for the dishes by name (verbally). I guess they didn’t feel it necessary to reprint new menus with their more authentic Northern Thai dishes (which is unfortunate).

Excellent reporting.

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Good report. Other than the ones you posted, my favorite dishes at Pailin include the pad kee mao (my favorite one in LA), the fried pork ribs, and then one of my favorites used to be the larb tod until recently.

Sadly, while Pailin used to be a straight 10/10 for me, it’s fallen down to around an 8 since the owner’s mother retired. The dishes aren’t as sharp as they once were, and things like the larb tod, which used to have the perfect non-oily fry now aren’t quite right. There was a time when I would swear that Pailin was better than Night Market, but I wouldn’t say it anymore. It’s still quite good though.


The people that seek them out already know about them. Putting them on the menu would be redundant, and more importantly detract from the homeliness of the place.

Would be like if In N Out put the grilled cheese or the Neapolitan shake on the menu.

Thanks @Haeldaur. I’ll definitely have to try the pad kee mao, fried pork ribs and the larb tod. :slight_smile:

I wonder if maybe they’re worried a special menu will spur non-Thai diners to order dishes they then send back as “too spicy,” “gross,” etc.


Putting that stuff on the menu certainly hasn’t hurt Jitlada or Luv2Eat.

nicely done! (you forgot to byob and really kick it up, especially with the deep fried fermented pork ribs) . Since Pa Lo wont be made anymore get the pork leg over rice… very similar in flavor… also you’re going to need to try their 1000 year old egg, or whatever they call that dish there, and also their soup with spinach omelet in it, and also the cake layered fish. made me want to go back…

yes between the mother retiring and pricing/portion slowly adjusting, the place is changing, but that’s to be expected… it’s still a must for me…

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Love Pailin - great write up

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Hi @Nemroz,

Thank you again for so many great reports and reminders. I’m glad I was finally able to go. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’ll definitely have to try the 1000 year old egg, and the other dishes you recommended. Thanks!

Thanks @CiaoBob. :slight_smile: What are your favorite dishes to order there?

Many you posted on : Northern dishes like the Khao Soi, N. sausage , Nam Prick, fr. chicken.
Also like Fried Chicken Larb, Spicy Catfish


yes crispy catfish curry is great! i always forget that one. (as is the fishball curry) both on sticky rice

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My other favorite at Pailin is the nam sod, ordered spicy. Really funky, great dish.


yea i like the one with squid as well.

their blue crab papaya salad is nothing to sneeze at also

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this post had me craving Pailin
lovely Sat lunch of Tam Kanoon and Khao Soi

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