A Good Place for a Celebratory Dinner

A friend from out of town and I are looking to have a fancy celebratory dinner and possibly also lunch. We’d like excellent food and an elegant atmosphere where other people will be dressed up too. Budget goes up to $150 each for dinner. We’d prefer Westside/Beverly Hills, but are open to anywhere.

When I started thinking of restaurants I realized that everywhere that came to mind was the place to be a long time ago (Spago, Patina, Chinois, etc) so what would be a good place to go now? Or are the oldies still the best?

(Yes, it’s the same friend from the other post, the one who likes ube ice cream.)

Providence is always great. I love it for celebratory meals.


Hinoki & the bird
Osteria mozza


How big will this party be?

Providence might be a tad north of $150 per person for dinner FYI…

Just two of us.

Personally I think Spago is still pretty special Chef Tetsu is very good

Hotel Bel-Air

Nomad’s food just doesn’t wow. Skip.

AOC by the goddess


Agree w/ Redbird and AOC (I haven’t been to many of the other suggestions). The food at AOC is more to my taste, but both would be very appropriate (and romantic, if that’s part of the celebration).

If you are looking for fancy, elegant Little Door is very good. Mastroes is always fun for a celebration. Dressed up in LA can be nice jeans just about anywhere.

I don’t know how good the food is currently, but Cicada, in DTLA certainly has the special feel you might be looking for.

Thank you, everyone! Lots of places to contemplate…

It’s not a romantic occasion. We’re celebrating a business success.

It’s been months (maybe a year) since I went to the reinvented Wilshire Restaurant, and the food is (was?) quite rich, but that would also be a good choice. If you go to B Sweet for ube, it’s an easy drive…

Consider yourself lucky.


Dan Tana’s is a great place to celebrate a business success. Great drinks and vibe. Fantastic steaks and lamp chops.


Bumping this one up.

I’m torn between CUT and Rustic Canyon since Chef Jeremy Fox is still manning the kitchen. Looking to do something nice, but intimate.

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100% Rustic Canyon for me, but I think of it much more as an amazing neighborhood spot a la Gjelina rather than a blow it out celebration spot like Kato or Providence.


How important is the atmosphere? I love Rustic Canyon too but not a big fan of the out door area. Service imo isn’t at the level it should be imo for a restaurant of that calibre


The food is more important than the ambiance.

Looking for a casual, celebratory meal. Nothing too fussy.


I like the private dining rooms at Mother Wolf and Republique. They probably seat 16 and 20 people respectively. Gjelina has a smaller private dining room, 10ish.