A Great Place for Lobster Lovers on Westside

Hop Woo is open for dine-in now and is offering dine-in live lobster special, $15.99/lbs!

Jumbo size live lobster can be soooo big! Compared with a regular spoon :grinning:

Yum!! Hong Kong style live lobster

Spice food savior? Our secret live lobster menu: Xiangla Live Lobster! It’s spicy and numbing, perfect pal for wine :wine_glass:


That seems like a really good price especially after reading this article and the increased prices seafood shacks on the East Coast are charging for lobsta rolls.

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That’s a big lobster and great price! But is it missing a claw?

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Although they taste the same, uni-clawed lobsters usually fetch half the price of intact lobsters at market.


Note to self: Must start niche business called “Single Lobster Claws R Us”…


Sometimes they fight with each other, the loser usually lost a claw in the tank :sweat_smile:

Not when their claws are rubber banded.

A good lawyer would insist on a clawback provision.


Niche practice: CLAWyers LLP