A Japanese Curry Journey - From Americanized to Wonderful - Champion's Curry, Curryfornia, Akane Chaya, Kagura, Sagami, Daichan and Tanakaya, Foo Foo Tei, Midoh (Bonus: Pearl River Deli and Gjelina?!) [Thoughts + Pics]

Fantastic post, thanks!

Daichan (in the same strip mall where Nozawa-san quietly began his conquest of the world) is such a great place.

Izakaya Hakata Hero has some awesome homemade curry as well.


Hi @js76wisco,

How’s ST Patisserie these days? Do you know if they are still very limited hours and selection during the pandemic? Thanks.

And I forgot, did/does Daichan also have pretty good poke? My vague recollection is that they were doing poke b/f it became a craze.

Yes. Not as good at the OG Hawaiian stuff but it’s more HI style than CA style.


If your in the South Bay you gotta try Jus Poke in Redondo. One of the few poke places that serves it with Hawaiian seaweed.

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@Chowseeker1999 I actually haven’t been since they moved to their new location. The website says only open for pick ups on Saturday and you have to order beforehand. I hope they make it through. Really enjoy their desserts especially during the holiday get togethers.

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nice run!

if you head to akane chaya again, can you ask them if they still have the mentaiko shiso rice as a side order?

it’s just a simple tasty dish that’s a side in lots of restaurants in Japan

envious of how close you are to South Bay! since curry house and hurry curry closed, the nearest (only?) curry place near me is ducks

although it seems like there’s some spots in Pasadena as well


Excellent run down! I was just at Cream Pan to get my korokke pan fix and noticed Tanakaya was doing brisk business.

So odd that Curry Champion used salsa instead of benishoga, which in my humble opinion is mandatory when eating this style of curry.

Next stop: Midoh in Rowland Heights. I really enjoy their curry hamburg w/ cheese and their filet tonkotsu curry is excellent. Must try! They have a spicy condiment that you can add to it which make is even better for spice lovers.

The gyu-tan is also quite the dish, more French tasting with the demi glacé.


Going along with Yoshoku rice dishes…

The Hayashi Rice with Egg at Suehiro is outstanding. I don’t know why this dish is not more well known! I love Japanese rice curry don’t get me wrong. I think it’s worth trying! It’s not because of late night munchies…Carnitas Michoacán in Lincoln Heights with the Asada fries with nacho cheese would fit that bill or Del!

I love sitting at the counter at Suehiro, in front of the TV with some Japanese tv playing, a plate of Hayashi Rice, and a ice cold Japanese beer.


Midoh makes a nice curry. We were very happy with our meals there.


And apparently a Sawtelle location is in the works in the old Curry House address for all the Westsiders.

2130 Sawtelle Blvd., #200, Los Angeles, CA. 90025

Opening soon, but no date has been announced.


Hi @attran99,

Aw. :frowning: I hope you get a chance to try Tanakaya soon then (and finish with @JeetKuneBao’s gamut of Cream Pan, Kean Coffee and Oliboli Donuts). :wink:


Hi @CiaoBob,

Thank you. And it seems there’s one more dish I need to try at Hero, thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

Hi @js76wisco,

Yes! The Buche de Noel Exotic! Such a great recommendation from @A5KOBE and everyone posting about ST. :slight_smile:

What I missed at lunch, I got for dinner. The curry at Tanakaya is superb. Reminiscent of Curry House curry, but like a million times better. So many complex flavors and a slight kick of spice. Thanks, @Chowseeker1999!
Edit: for interested parties, Tanakaya is also selling their uncooked noodles (soba and udon) with dipping sauce. 8 oz of noodles for $9. Stock up for the heat wave.


Don’t forget Cream Pan has a pretty good curry too! Beef-based with nice bits of beef fat throughout. Their tonkatsu isn’t bad either.


Hi @blimpbinge,

Thanks! Wow, that Mentaiko Shiso Rice sounds amazing! :open_mouth: :drooling_face: (We called them and confirmed they no longer serve it!) :cry: I’ll be on the lookout for this at other Yoshoku restaurants though, thanks. Please let us know if you find it again.

Well, with the lighter traffic (not as light as before, but still light), consider visiting some of these places on a weekend and bang x bang it with some other FTC favorites in the area. :wink:


Thank you! :blush: Ah! I knew I forgot something! I bookmarked Midoh after you told us about it last year right? OK, can’t wait to try it next time, thanks! :wink:

Hi @attran99,

Yay! :blush: So glad you got to try Tanakaya. And glad you enjoyed it as well! So good!

Thanks for the tip on Tanaka-san selling his Handmade Soba Noodles to cook at home, nice!

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If you like mentaiko and shiso together, the very same Tokyo Central has an onigiri counter around the corner from Kagura. They’ve some fun flavors including mentaiko and shiso. They’re pre-made and wrapped so the nori loses its crisp texture, but the fillings are solid. The fried chicken is also great at the same counter. Can’t vouch for any of the other fried offerings they have.