A Japanese Curry Journey - From Americanized to Wonderful - Champion's Curry, Curryfornia, Akane Chaya, Kagura, Sagami, Daichan and Tanakaya, Foo Foo Tei, Midoh (Bonus: Pearl River Deli and Gjelina?!) [Thoughts + Pics]



A super reference thread for a common hankering. Great chow-sleuthing!


It’s hard to beat the fry and flavor at Kagura for the tonkatsu. I love Tanakaya.

Daichan looks like my kind of place!!!


Wow! This was amazing.

On a side note, could you adopt me? I promise to behave as long as I get to take these food journeys!


Is the Gjelina curry available now, or is that from pre-quarantine? Looks so good.

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I may hit the OC today for lunch. So inspired by your post.

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Tanakaya >>> Cream Pan >>> Kean Coffee >>> Oliboli Donuts!!!


Truly epic run. Hats off to trying some mediocre versions in the process too as part of the study.

We are lucky in that there is a Kanazawa style curry shop here in Burlingame (Curry Hyuga), although many of us have never tasted the real thing to compare, but it’s very pleasing despite it being a notch sweet, though seems to be coming from the carrots and tomatoes and maybe even fruit.

Yeah this like mac and cheese, so many different variations. Good going on trying the ones done by yoshoku restaurants but it seems California doesn’t have anything that is legit…although curry is usually more of a backdrop.

When the curry is not so good, I usually just hit up a local Hong Kong cafe and once in a while get a Cantonese style beef brisket tendon curry rice for a pseudo hit and quick fix. Even harder to find: HK style curry brisket claypot done right.

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That’s an epic lunchtime crawl. The doughnuts will only be viable if the line isn’t crazy.


Hi @J_L,

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Oh, I always thought you’d been to Daichan? I think you’d like. Super relaxed, welcoming, with comforting homemade-style dishes.


Hi @Haeldaur,

That was from pre-quarantine. Hopefully Gjelina opens up again when safe, and then it should be available again (we’ve seen it on the menu (variations of it depending on the season) every time we went over the past 2 years).

@JeetKuneBao you’re slipping. You forgot to add ST Patisserie. But I guess ST is a little further away than those 4 which are all very close to each other.


I forgot about ST! The streets are pretty easy to get by in that area so it’s not far off. ST is without a doubt one of the best French pastry shops in So Cal, when they moved out I honestly stop going because it was only open like one day a week for a few hours.

It was so easy to grab a lunch, coffee at Portola, then a treat at ST


Great post! I miss dining in at Kagura :cry: I’ve always liked Curryfornia as a solid option, may not be top tier but when I used to work down the street from them, it was great to be able to easily get a solid curry.

:rofl: at Champion’s Americanized changes and options. Sour cream and avocado?? :crazy_face: Heck why not offer some alfalfa sprouts for a California version to complete the stereotype.


@JeetKuneBao you forgot to add the 25 other shops in Little Saigon for @attran99 to also stop by (Cococane > Ngu Binh > Ba Le Sandwiches > and more…) :wink:


Hi @beefnoguy,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Is Curry Hyuga your favorite for Japanese Curry in your neighborhood, or are there other standouts in SF? Thanks!

Haven’t done extensive research in SF Bay Area yet but there are not that many notable options right now. Hyuga is closer to me, convenient, and is a curry specialist shop. There are a couple places in the San Jose area that are ok but bit too far to trek just for that.

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Unfortunately a work call ran long and I didn’t get to get out for lunch today. :cry:

Amazing!!! Thanks for the round up… some of these I haven’t tried before! Also on my list is a take away bentos from Otono! I am unable to do this weekend, but they are having Shrimp Curry!

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