A Little Something for Your Truffles

The Rose Venice running a Black and White Truffle tasting menu the month of December–a bargain at $100 for six courses (with a good wine pairing for 5 of the courses for an additional $77). I believe the truffles are from Italy, for those to whom the question might occur. First course is a pizzette with sottocenere al tartuffo and buffalo mozzarella, followed by a delicious poached egg with leeks and tteokbokki mixed in with a black truffle puree and parmesan dash, next came the highlight to my taste–seared diver scallop with a maple-hazelnut gastrique on a pumpkin puree with truffles on top, after that a really good lasagna with taleggio fonduta, the meat was a nice bit of poached chicken on polenta decorated with more truffles, dessert was a caramelized smoked vanilla custard with truffle cream. For the wines, I particularly enjoyed the Elena Walch “Beyond the Clouds” and the Oddero “Bussia” Barola Riserva.


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I thought it was a fine post without the photos. Wasn’t too TL;DR at all lol.


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Hi everyone, I work for a truffle vendor out here in Los Angeles. Please feel free to hit me up if you need any truffles! We delivery or ship straight to you! We currently have Black Summer Truffles from central Italy. We’re also getting the Australian Winter Black Truffles soon.