A load of crock (pot)

I recently ventured into the hellscape of Bed, Bath & Beyond and emerged with a crock pot. I’ve been doing some poking around for solid slow cooker recipes but haven’t yet found much that’s caught mine eye. Anyone have any go-to crock pot recipes? Or even experimental ones?

I haven’t broken out my crock pot in ages, but I’ve had good luck with “Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook” especially with the Mahogany Glazed Pork recipe. If I remember correctly, the braised lamb shanks were good as well.

My dental hygenist swears by yogurt made in a crock pot.

Get a chunk of quality pork shoulder / butt that will fit snugly. Put 1/2 teaspoon of salt per pound in pot, add pork, braise until you can pull it apart readily.

@LAgirl - Yes! This is great. I will definitely look into that cookbook, as my main issue with many of the recipes I’ve found is that they all feel like they’re all written by the same mom. (No offense moms.)

@ipsedixit - A+ sentence.

@robert - This, I shall do.

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I had some of that pork for dinner last night and as usual I’m dumbfounded by how much flavor it has, if I hadn’t cooked it myself I’d have been sure there was more in there than pork and salt. Any you don’t eat right away, let it cool in its own juices, skim the lard for cooking, and refrigerate the meat in its broth.

Might not be good made from that weird bred-to-be-lean factory-farm pork American supermarkets favor. I buy from an organic farm that has been cross-breeding Duroc, Chester, Tamworth, Yorkshire, wild boar, and others for some years but pork from a Chinese or Mexican butcher would probably be fine too.

Thanks for the tips. Noted.

I’ll have to make a trip to Mitsuwa. I’ve never shopped for meat there before for some reason. Assume they’d have some of these cuts? From poking around the site, it seems like people also like Nijiya, which I don’t think I’ve been to.

I’m not sure I’ve ever bought pork at a Japanese market. I have no idea how they butcher pork.

Chinese and Mexican butchers always have big chunks of pork shoulder.

Gotcha. I’ll definitely look into some Chinese/Mexican butchers. Appreciate it!

I like my crock pot for dals and rajma (indian style lentils and kidney beans), and other saucy things like chili and spaghetti sauce. I’m not a big fan of meat cooked in the crock pot, unless I’m doing BBQ pork for sandwiches.

I like the convenience aspect of it – I work FT so it’s nice to prep everything in the crock the night before, stick it in the fridge, and then just it into the base and turn it on in the morning before I leave for work. Walk in the door, and dinner’s already ready.

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Let me at those dals and rajma recipes!

The convenience aspect was definitely a big factor for the purchase. I’ve never used one before, so I’ll have to experiment a bit. Hoping that there can be a bit of a range in what it can be used for.

Slow cooker galbi jjim. Have had success with this recipe: Galbi Jjim

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Vundabar. That site looks like it has a few goods ones.

I’ve tried a number and no failures yet! Hope you have fun and good eating with the new (old-school) kitchen toy. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will be trying this.

I have added green salsa or chile to make chile verde. Homemade chile would be even better, but canned works as well. I don’t use that much salt with the salsa.

Found a used copy of “Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker” for $4. Thanks again for the recommendation!

For St. Patty’s day, made some slow cooker corn beef that turned out pretty solid. Picked up a pre-brined round from Whole Foods the day before and pretty much followed this recipe: Allergen Free and Gluten Free Healthy Food Recipes | Wellshire Farms

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your very welcome! Hard to beat $4 to try out a new cookbook.

Haven’t made it m’self yet, but if anyone is interested in making some Yucutan pork in a slow cooker, this looks like a good recipe:

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Mitsuwa doesn’t do roast size meat, most is sliced for quick cooking or grilling.

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I season and brown meat before putting in the slow cooker. I also use a fatty cut of pork and a very small amount of liquid.