A Moment of Silence for Paul Prudhomme

Had a great meal at K-Paul’s many years ago. How many LA dishes have I had since that claimed to be prepared Cajun style? One hell of a lot.


a moment of silence ???


did you pass on ??

Please tell me that isn’t so.

Not me, him.

shit, just googled it.

it is a sad sad sad say day.

RIP Chef Paul

You were a true trailblazer and gracious guy who had a wonderfully prodigious appetite and zest for life. You will be missed.



new life goal: live to 75. then just drop dead.


and, per Kev, after you drop dead, post on this webpage

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I wish people who want to, or try to, make “Cajun” food would read Louisiana Kitchen instead of books by Emeril. The spice ratios in Emeril’s books are often wrong - way too fucking spicy - and don’t reflect the Cajun food I’ve had in Louisiana. I still refer to this book every time I research a New Orleans, Cajun, or Creole recipe.

RIP, Chef Paul, and thank you.

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March 2001…my first time in New Orleans…I can still remember what we had - shared the fried oysters, crawfish etouffee, with a pork chop for my compadre, blackened red fish for me (perfection)…pecan pie for dessert. Truly a memorable evening…he will be missed.

and the coconut layer cake by which others must surely judged.

they are eating quite well in the celestial firmament to be sure if one happens to believe in an up there up there.

and that’s no fucking joke.


Wherever he may now be, laissez les bons temp rouler, Chef.

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“Louisiana Kitchen” had such an influence on me and my early love for food and cooking. My grandmother received a copy when she was first starting to take an interest in learning to cook more than basic Italian, German and Polish food. Growing up, I remember many a morning waking up to the unmistakable aroma of Paul’s fish or shrimp stock simmering (NOT pleasant at 7 in the morning) and knowing that meant crawfish etouffee or gumbo was on the menu that day! I spent a lot of Saturdays helping her chop vegetables for his basic rice and developing a new taste for spicy food I never had before as a child. I’ve since inherited her copy of “Louisiana Kitchen”, well grease-stained through the years…think I need to pull it out this weekend and make one of those old favorites again.

is it possible to do a link on this board to that post since the La. board seems pretty dead ???

and a lot of his fans live on the west and east coasts ???

reference post: Kpaul's post-Paul?

here’s our LA Chef Paul, also RIP

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dome de luise ???

in 99.9999999999999 of the fucking obits they mentioned that he was constantly mistaken for the dom.

and that ain’t no joke

i can see why – i think im alone in this world of terrible movie reboots wishing for an updated cannonball run