A Note About Five Guys' Buns

I am amazed that we’ve been here for a couple of weeks now, and there isn’t an In N Out vs Five Guys vs. whomever thread. This isn’t intended to be that, but it does pertain.

I like 'em all, although my current fave is The Habit. But I’d noted that most people who don’t like 5 Guys complain about the bun. The prevailing theory is that because each 5 Guys burger is wrapped in foil and stuffed in a bag, even when it’s to be eaten immediately, that the bun gets steamed and comes out squishy.

So when I went there a couple of days ago, I asked them to simply not wrap the burger before handing it off to me, which they happily did.

It didn’t make a difference. Still squishy. Perhaps it’s that it’s not toasted as much as In-N-Out, or perhaps it’s just a squishier dough.

Now you know.

I’ve always thought the bun fell apart mostly because of all the toppings.

I only had a problem with bun integrity the first time I went, when I ordered a double. Since then I’ve ordered the single patty–which is practically equivalent to an In-N-Out double anyway–and it’s never been a problem.

re: The Habit

if you have a vegetarian in tow, they serve a Dr. Praegers veggie burger and, for a small upcharge, you can add a generous portion of sliced avocado.

as veggie burgers go, The Habit is damn good especially with the avocado added.

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Jesstifer im glad to know you’re on this!

Sort of begs the question who has the best buns?

It’s a good veggie burger although I think Addiction Bistro’s is better.

It’s squishy because they wrap ALL their burgers even if you don’t order them to go. SO annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:


for buns,
i most like the wheat bun served at THE STAND, in encino.

My favorite one is the brioche bun at the Golden State. I never had a bun that didn’t fall apart at Five Guys…

i didn’t even know that Addiction Bistro served a veggie burger.
now i’ll have to find a way to get there.
thanks for the tip

Bachi Burger Sawtelle. It’s not getting much love here on the board (nor that other board-which-shall-remain-unnamed), but the burgers are well-crafted, delicious, and the burger bun is as good as Golden State’s.

WSG, I’d say one out of three times they will bring the regular menu and the veggie menu. If they don’t, just ask. Also, be specific about what you want on it.

I love them!! :)) They have a FABULOUS Cesar Salad…

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Well, it was the Eggslut Buns made by Sugarbloom/Sharon Wang, but they moved to a more reasonably priced bun.

@jesstifer (and I’ve asked for unwrapped as well) says wrapping/unwrapping makes no difference, unlike when you’re trying to not get your gf preggo.

@revets2 your’e here!

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Teddy’s Bigger Burgers potato bun is pretty tasty.

wow, I haven’t hit up just yet.

what fucking dope burger is their claim to proverbial fame ???

Burgers are large and can be ordered with a shitload of fucking toppings and the fries are large and very good.

Hey Kevin. It feels kinda good. ;o)

What feels kind of good ???

btw, i’m losing my fucking track here, but midlife, in regference to Five Guys or Bachi Burger ???

btw, I fucking love those Cajun fries from Five Guys.

Oh, nothing. I ALWAYS use expletives in my posts. Haven’t you noticed?

I thought I was responding to your question I read as about 5 Guys.