A Rising Star on the Horizon - The Affable, Warm and Delicious Omakase Experience of Shin Sushi [Thoughts + Pics]



Pricing isn’t that much different than when I went. It was $107 before tax and tip for me and you had a few more pieces than I did. That means there are more variety now!


Thanks @moonboy403. Good to know. :slight_smile: It’s still a great value since we left totally stuffed (I should’ve stopped maybe 4 pieces earlier, but Chef Take was so nice and kept talking to us, that we all just kept listening, chatting and before we knew it we had tried one of everything he had that night, @PorkyBelly style). :sweat_smile: :wink:

How was the nori on your visit? That was one thing we hoped would be crisper.


I hear ya! I had one of everything that night too but had fewer pieces than you did so Take-san must be feeling confident in the business perhaps?

I think I said something similar in my review!

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I’d love to see more of this technique, searing with binchotan. Since my SO planted the idea that neta smells like gas with propane torching, can’t get it out of my head… :grimacing:


Wasn’t JL’s meal like $80pp? Granted you had a few more pieces than him, but wow, so much for the valley bargain.

Regardless, meal looks awesome and I have a reservation coming up next weekend. My crew reserved the whole bar!

Agreed. I dislike blow torched anything because the food just tastes like butane.

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I’m so glad you wrote a report for Shin Sushi! I enjoyed it very much, and found the rice very much to my liking. Now I want to go back asap. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sgee,

Definitely! I hope to see more binchotan searing that’s fantastic. :slight_smile: Where was that pic from?

Hi @tailbacku,

Thanks. Yah, I think over time, Take-san must’ve realized costs and need to make rent, etc. $80 / pp would’ve been a massive bargain, but even at the current price we got charged, it’s slightly cheaper than Shunji and Take-san is really nice and approachable, making it a great Omakase experience. :slight_smile:

@Chowseeker1999 yeah hopefully the trend picks up. Sushi Noz in NYC uses this technique.

Got the pic off google images, think its someplace in Singapore.

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For me Sushi Tanaka in Simi Valley remains the standard bearer for QPR in the NW corner of greater LA.

25 items = $6.4/item on this visit after t/t

JL’s visit appears to be 19 items for $80, let’s be generous and call it $110 post t/t, = $5.7/item

For me Sushi Tanaka in Simi Valley is still the standard bearer for QPR in the NW corner of greater LA.

Good soundtrack too; I just hope it’s usually busier than it was when I was there =X

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@Chowseeker1999 We should find enough people and reserve the whole bar at Shin for a FTCer outing. :rofl:


agreed. i’ve only seen it done in nyc and japan.


Hi @Bookwich,

Thanks for your report as well! :slight_smile: That added urgency to making me want to go even sooner. :slight_smile:

Yah it’s really enjoyable, and yes that rice is very good. Really elevating each piece.

that’s take-san’s brother’s wife. his brother is opening a place in hong kong. thanks for the report @Chowseeker1999, the tamago looks great.


Thanks @PorkyBelly. Oh nice! They have family helping out still (even after his brother is opening a new place).

Yah that new Tamago was really good. I hope you get to try the Tai (w/ Yuzu) prep he did as well; it was a highlight! :slight_smile:

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Me too.
Never paid attention to it until it was foisted on me and now it’s inescapable.

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With a quick stint at Sushi Zo NYC just before that. #LAshokuninrumormill

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