A Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear? Si, El Chavo in Los Feliz!

El Chavo Restaurant

Wow - the trio of Octavio Olivas (Ceviche Project!), Freddy Vargus (Scarpetta) and Brandyn Tepper (Cocktail Academy) have created an amazing menu at the recently closed El Chavo on Sunset. We started with some of Tepper’s cocktails - the Oaxacan Old Fashioned, reposada tequila, agave, bitters and grapefruit oil, and Green Gloves, jalapeno infused tequila, lime, celery, yellow chartreuse and smoked salt. A tequila and mezcal focused program but have other liquors as well. And probably the best margarita I’ve ever had. Simple - rocks -salt. Must have been the tequila but it was excellent. Many great things from the Ceviche bar which is not suprising with Olivas on board. The Peruvian scallops with sea urchin was as delicious as they were beautiful. The pomegranate seeds making the perfect crunch foil to the soft but flavor packed scallop and uni combo. The spanish octopus tostada reminisant of the ones we ate in Mexico City. But the show stopper for us, was Olivas’ Yellowtail in young coconut. The leche de tigre (which I have long believed Olivas was put on this earth to make) was made with pineapple, purselane, jicama, shaved carrot, and borage flowers was just incredible. Served in the halved coconut shell, you scoop the sides of the flesh and eat with the dish. It was stunning. And a large portion for $15. Then came the guacamole. With fried pigs ears (which were optional!?!) and salsa verde. The best bite of 2016 so far and it’s going to be very hard to top. We’ve all had crispy pigs ears but these were beyond anything either of us has had. They brine them for 24 hours then basically a double fry. They are chewy and crispy with a cartilaginous crunch! Just stopped talking and ate for a few minutes. All other senses silenced, overwhelmed in a good way. The guac the perfect accompaniment. It also may be the best bite for the money at $9 for several ears. We also had the duck on rice which was very good. We cannot wait to go back for the short ribs - of course after the leche de tigre and pigs ears! Don’t know how long the three amigos will be in business together - at least several months - but don’t miss them! - LM


Those Pig Ears were amazing with the Guac.
"I appreciated the classic ear-y flavor profile of the the crispy pig ear with the guacamole adding a noticeably green hued avocado counterpoint. Very Ear forward"
Fantastic dish and place.


This was a one-off collaboration dinner in a now-closed restaurant?.. Or these guys all opened a new place together somewhere?

The latter.
They have a 6 month commitment to be there - Tuesday-Sunday

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Oh, sweet.

Can you walk in? Or reservation-only?

how are the cocktails, CB?

top notch
The Oaxacan Old Fashioned was fantastic.

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