A Tale of Two Flautas - Taqueria Los Anaya & Flautas

I’ve always dug Flautas - who wouldn’t love tortillas that are rolled up with some type of stuffing and then deep fried? :wink: - and recently Dommy’s recommendations for two local places pushed me to get out and do a taste test between Taqueria Los Anaya and “Flautas” a new food stand within the Baldwin Hills Mall.

Taqueria Los Anaya has always gotten some strong recommendations from all the FTC’ers here and on our old board. Los Anaya’s Pollo Flautas:

3 medium-sized Flautas (Flour Tortillas) are stuffed with Shredded Chicken and some spicy Guacamole. It’s pretty crunchy, but still soft. The chicken is moist and well-seasoned.

Heading over to “Flautas” at the Baldwin Hills Mall, I’m at first skeptical - I’m thinking, “How could a mall food court stall’s food really compete with a well-regarded sit-down taqueria?” LOL :stuck_out_tongue: - then I arrive and I see it’s connected (shared kitchen?) with Mexicano, the new restaurant from Chefs Jaime Martin Del Campo & Ramiro Arvizu (of La Casita Mexicana fame). Ahhh! This could work…

“Flautas” has a pretty large selection of Flautas, all with different stuffings (beef, chicken, pork, seafood, etc.). I get the Pollo Flautas to do an apples to apples compare:

These Flautas are made with handmade Corn Tortillas (instead of Flour), and they make them on the premises. Holy cow! Dommy was right! LOL :laughing: these were crunchy, savory, and the Chicken was da’ bomb!!! Muy bueno! Seriously legit Flautas!

What was even more legit was the homemade Tomato Sauce that comes with the Flautas. I kid you not it’s so… uh, umami! SO GOOD! These have to be my favorite Flautas in L.A. now!

This’ll be added to my reg rotation for sure. :smile: Thanks Dommy!

(2nd visit linked below)

Flautas (Baldwin Hills Mall)
3650 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008



Yay!! I drive past that place EVERYDAY. It’s so hard for me not to pull over and have some (often I do but only pick up their aguas frescas… my favorite anywhere). The only flauta I’ve found MEH was the Cochinita Flauta (not enough flavor in the sauce) everyone else has been very good. My favorite though is the fish flauta… may sound odd but SO GOOD.

I will say though, the Flautas at Los Anayas are a Hot Steaming Deal for the amount of food and all that tasty guac.


Hi Dommy,

So Flautas’ aguas frescas is worth it? I’ll definitely have to try (I guess it’s not a surprise considering Mexicano’s is so good (next door)). Thanks. :smile:

Fish Flauta, wow. OK, noted. Can’t wait.

Fish flautas are the only ones I’ll fucking eat so get that they are good.

And maybe ground beef flautas.

But do
Those fuckers usually exist ???

They have Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp and Fish Flautas.


Absolutely. I might now get Krispy Krunchy Chicken with a Flautas Agua Fresca chaser.



watermelon fucking frescas ??? i’m so there.

my favorite with the watermelon chunks from super rica in sb.

Went back today to try Flautas’ Fish Flautas that Dommy was recommending. I started with one of their Aguas Frescas: Fresa Jamaica (Strawberry Hibiscus) drink -

This was so good. Chunks of fresh strawberries, mixed in with the hibiscus tea. Sweet and very fruity (naturally).

The Fish Flautas (w/ tomato, onion, cilantro, chipotle chile. Smothered with jalapeno, mayo, cheese, and cilantro sauce):

Another excellent Flauta! Crispy, crunchy piping hot and it tasted pretty clean (not like it was old oil or anything). The fish was tender and soft, and the jalapeno-cilantro sauce was great! :smile: Eating it with a bit of the red onion really made it stand out.

Another excellent dish and rec from Dommy! Thanks. :smile:

Overall I dig the Chicken Flautas more (with their homemade tomato sauce (so umami! so good!)), but I’d get the Fish Flautas from time-to-time as well.



Well now I know hold the darn mayo

Another excellent recap and you really capture what makes this place so great!! Nextime you have to buy the Topos Delux with Chorizo. My absolute favorite thing on the menu. I’ll be back this week to try their new crispy tacos!! :smiley:


Well now I know hold the darn mayo

Not all of their sauces have Mayo in it, and you can ask for the Flautas to be done a certain style. :smiley:


Also JJ, they are willing to replace any sauce with another. I love their housemade Tomato Sauce (so good)!

Thanks Dommy! :smile:

Darn it, why didn’t you tell me about the Topos w/ Chorizo last time? :stuck_out_tongue: Now I have to go back and try that next time LOL. Thanks.

thanks chow and dommy…im a big flauta fan…gotta check it out!

Perhaps no mayo and no fucking coitjia cheese for me too if possible.