A Tale of Two Sandwiches, one from Argentina and one from Uruguay in Anaheim

El Gaucho Market. They do have a location in Redondo Beach for my LA friends.

On State College in between Lincoln and Ball, most people drive by not realizing they just passed by a unique place. Look for the blue and white, the colors of Argentina.
@Chowseeker1999, it’s down the street from OC Rotisserie.

It’s a market with South American/Latin America brands. A meat counter. And:

And most importantly that El Gaucho Chimichuri Sauce!!! You will want to buy a bottle of this, or 2.

But hang a right when you enter:

The dining area has a cool soccer mural, not my sport. They show games here fyi:

Kinda of a sausage fest here lol. Sadly no pretty and curvy South American women here,but that’s not what you come here for.
That’s not me in that pic btw.

No, you come here for the sandwiches and empanadas!

And the 2 best ones are:

The Entrana from Argentina!
Skirt steak. Hot, juicy, and beefy just the way you want it. Do not forget the Chimichuri!!

And from neighboring country Uruguay:

The Chivito.
Oh yes the ingredients: Beef, Ham, Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Bell Peppers, Green Olives, and Sauce(not sure). A little messy but still good, like carne asada fries or sex hair. Tasty. If you like the Cubana at Super Tortas DF in South Central you will dig this.

The empanadas

Golden. Brown. And Delicious. I recommend the Spinach and with a bite a small spoonful of the Chimichuri in the hole you created.

And I hope I am not alone on this observation I notice in LA/OC that these speciality markets have some of the best and authentic food. Don’t jack my shiz Eater LA


Edit: Nevermind like Nirvana.

Posted in the wrong area, heart skipped a beat when it didn’t show in the LA section, but now I am here. I am talking to myself anyways. Okay I’ll stop.

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“The Entrana from Argentina!”

Please don’t forget the ~ over the n : “Entraña”

Yes Mr. Darwin. Origin of Species is one of the greatest science books ever


What if we DID jack your place? :smiley: Cool find though and thanks for posting it here. I’m gonna check out the Redondo location since that’s nearby where I live

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inb4 “top 10 latin american sandwiches in los angeles”


I hope they’re open on Sunday. I may need to stop by to pick up food to accompany the Super Bowl.

This place is like a carbon copy (or vice versa?) of Puerto Madero in Santa Ana. They even sell that same chimichurri, which the spicy is awesome. I liked the spinach empanada the best, but the chicken was good too.

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I believe they are family-related.

They have to be related somehow. The food is exactly the same. I find that the spicy chimichurri takes their food to another level. I can’t imagine eating the chivito without the chimichurri.

I bought a bottle during the summer, made grilled veggies and tossed in that chimichurri. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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