A Tasty Dish You Made

Yea I know y’all are some posh wine and dine me, pamper my palate type mafakas, but surely some of you from time to time have to get in the kitchen and create sustenance for yourself and your loved ones.

So how about you share something of your own and maybe we’ll learn a thing or two.

Brag away.


Maybe this post belongs on the Home Cooking Board?

is there a section i’m missing? or you mean a different website? i was thinking this site is for all food talk

Here is the link to the Home Cooking Sub-Board on FTC.

The Los Angeles board, as with all the “regional” sub-boards on FTC, mostly pertain to restaurants/markets specific to those geographic locations.

FTC is indeed for all food talk, but it’s also an organized site as well. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

I understand. Def helpful thanks

please delete, this sub has it covered

Generally I’m a recipe follower as I figure that’s why they pay the big boys and girls the big bucks. But here’s something I love to make.

Have you tried riced cauliflower yet? TJs had it and now it seems like everybody does. I saute’ onion, garlic, mushrooms, halved grape tomatoes in oo. At the end I add the cauliflower and green peas and at the very end grated cheese.


nice! i saw it yesterday at TJ’s and thought that’s a nice alternative to a carb. very cool. on it.

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I see they also have riced broccoli, a vegetable I just don’t love, so I should try it. I keep a couple of bags in the freezer along with their fresh green peas.

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Broccoli is a nutritionally dense food. Cauliflower, not so much. Try the broccoli! :slight_smile:


Dealing with my stupid CSA. I don’t know why I bother, I go to a farmers market at least twice a week. Anyway…

Mustard greens with lemon-anchovy dressing and bread crumbs (from Gjelina cookbook).

It may look fancy, but I ate it wrapped in a grilled tortilla. Cuz I’m gangsta like that.

Romanesco with yellow raisins, topped with tahini and sumac (Gjelina again). Awesome.

These were my lunch today.


Both of the things that I’ve made recently to great success have been desserts.

I just yanked the Riz Au Lait recipe from Chez L’Ami Jean in Paris and made it for a friend’s birthday party. Afterwards, I ran into someone that I met a the party, and said, “Oh yeah… You’re The Awesome Rice Pudding Guy!”

The other thing was a vegan Earl Grey Chocolate Pudding that I made for a party at a dairy-free friend’s place. Served it with blackberries/raspberries/wafer crumbles. When people cheers’d to a newly engaged couple at the party, a dude I’d never met yelled out: “And cheers to the chocolate pudding!”

Guess I’m a pudding guy.


Great job pudding guy!!! that’s you from now on.

i got a tray of melanzane waiting at home… made it last night… should have waited to bake it off today


I buy this amazing Spanish tuna packed in olive oil.

Molinari’s Deli in SF North Beach gave me their rec for preparing. Don’t drain it. Add finely chopped red onion, capers and cilantro, s&p, some ‘good’ oo and Champagne (those last two are my addition). It’s just insanely good as an app.

Sorry for the blurry photo.


Stuffed peppers. Made with orzo and homemade sausage. Uncooked they freeze well also which is great for the two of us.


That looks great! I p/u’d a bag of the riced cauliflower when TJs first started carrying it, but besides sautéing it then grating some parm on top I have yet to figure out what to do with it.

I was just at Molinari’s last weekend . Don’t you just love that deli case . Picked up some goodies . Nice recipe except for myself I would just substitute parsley for the cilantro . Ortiz and AS do MAR are my two favorite tunas . Yummy .

If I was to think about it . I would say Tarte Flambee . A simple heart stopping taste that I can only eat once a year , Here’s what I followed . Tarte Flambee - Andre Soltner 1 - YouTube

That gnocchi you posted yesterday looks great, too.

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It’s expensive but twice over a few years I’ve ordered it from Zingerman’s. A case. Last a couple of years probably. A friend of mine uses parsley instead of cilantro.