A: This unassuming restaurant in Flatiron has the city's best fish tacos

A: What is New York Bakery

Located right on the outskirts of Flatiron and just south of Koreatown, is this little unassuming hole-in-the-wall (are there “assuming” hole-in-the-walls? but whatever, I digress).

New York Bakery, a Korean owned store offers up a panoply of Mexican favorites, from quesadillas to tacos, as well as a hodgepodge of pan-Asian fare, from ramen to pork katsu.

But the thing to get here is the fish tacos. I’ve been going to this place since back in the days when alot of us were still roaming on Chowhound but recently paid a visit and the owner, Harrison, still remembered me!

But back to the fish tacos. A couple of years ago, they used to be 3 for $7, now they’re 3 for $8, but now they’re available every day of the week, and not just on Tuesdays like before. So lose-win!

The fish tacos come with breaded, deep-fried fish, a spicy green sauce that tastes very much like chile verde on heroin, some diced onions and cilantro as accoutrements.

Harrison tells me that the key to the fish tacos is that they marinate the fish filets (cod or pollack) overnight and then lightly bread them before they’re cooked. Whatever they are doing, the fish tacos are light, tasty and with just enough zing and freshness to make you think you’re on the coast of Baja somewhere.

Oh, you can also get bulgogi tacos, but really, who in their right mind goes to a Korean restaurant and orders bulgogi?? WTF.

New York Bakery
29th Street (just east of 6th aka Ave of the Americas)

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Is this place actually a restaurant? Aka if i schlep over from the UWS, can I chill for like 45 minutes, use a bathroom, all that fun stuff? Or must I eat my tacos among the plebeians that suffocate the NYC streets?

Think liquor store cum taqueria.

Awesome, thanks!!!

Alas, the place has closed down.