A truffles-Vegas question

A friend will be visiting from Spain in two weeks.
He wants to visit LV, and is bringing 1 kilo of black truffles from Teruel.
Any suggestion re. a restaurant in LV where we could bring this precious cargo for a custom tasting dinner?

I would send Mike/Uhockey an email at his website.

He lives in LV and with his popular food blog, he knows the powers that be that could steer your friend from Spain, in the right direction…
Also, tell him to get on over to FTC!



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He could make Colette’s recipe:

Once a year at home we had truffle-day. But that could only take place
if the bank account allowed, for Colette used to say: “If I can’t have
too many truffles, I’ll do without truffles,” and she declared they
should be eaten like potatoes. We waited until, with the coming of the
frost, Périgord should send the finest of its mushrooms. It appears that
cleaning them is an art and Colette would not entrust the
responsibility for this to anyone else. You put half a bottle of dry
champagne in a black stew-pan, with some bits of bacon fat lightly
browned, salt and pepper. When this mixture boils you throw in the
truffles. A divine and slightly suspect odour, like everything that
smells really good, floats through the house. Under no pretext must the
truffles leave the stew-pan, the scented sauce is served seperately, hot
in port glasses, and anyone who does not declare himself ready to leave
Paradise or Hell for such a treat is not worthy to be born again.