Ability to mark fora as "read"?

This may already be built in, and I’m not seeing it.

Any way to implement, if not, or will someone elucidate if already possible.

By the by, Discourse is light years better than any version of CH.

If you choose the “New” or “Unread” view, there’s a “Dismiss” button that marks topics as read. You can do that at the category level or for the whole site.

I’m really impressed by Discourse. It makes sense that it’s good since the company just does this one thing and the principals have years of experience from Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange.

Weird. I’m only getting the “Dismiss” under the “New” setting, and only site-wide at that.

What hardware and browser are you using?

Here’s what I see:

It might simply be a failure to understand/convey on my part.

I was able to replicate your above example, on Site Feedback. But, for Los Angeles, I see this:

But, nowhere on that page is a “dismiss” to be found.

I don’t believe that functionality exists.

Gotcha. As I get more accustomed I’ll probably find that something similar is already native to Discourse.


There are four views, Latest (shown in red, which means it’s your current view), New, Unread, and Top. Only New and Unread have the Dismiss button. Click New (next to the red Latest) and you’ll see it.