About the San Diego category

For discussing all food related topics in the greater San Diego County area, as well as nearby points south of the border.

Thank you, for setting up this board for us. I’ll see how many of the SD CH board members I can lure over. They’re a pretty laid back lot. Not sure how interested they will ultimately be.

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If we build it …

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Hello dahhhhlings!

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Just a friendly reminder.

Baja California is not off limits.

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Aloha. .
:sunglasses: :kiss:

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Yea, Dagney’s here

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Honey i,m home

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:tropical_fish: :trident: :yellow_heart:

I hope it’s not the same old, ‘Who can be the most clever, exclusive writer’s club’. Got to be real boring.

What’s you talking about Willis?
:black_joker: :circus_tent:

Are Doctor Chow and cstr here? Poor Doctor Chow was practically the only poster on one of the CH San Diego threads.

Doc C is not here, but he knows, and I’ve tried asking him to join but to no avail.

cstr, not here (at least not by his CH handle), and I don’t know how to reach him …

Ok, I just posted this link on the most recent thread. ah well! we’ll see.

Maybe we can all ask him? How can we send invitations?

This should work for everyone, but Fakey if you go to your preferences page, there should be a button for “Invite”

They deleted my post…sigh

I’m here… took a while, hey I’m old!