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My icon shows the number 99, like I have 99 replies, likes or messages. When I click on the icon for the drop down it shows 99 pencils (corrections) next to previous posts.

Something’s is effed up. Mine also maxed out at 99. I posted this on Site Feedback a couple of hours ago with no reply. Oh well, it’s not world peace :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just clicked on and dismissed all of them. All the posts show orange pencils like they’ve been recently edited, some multiple times. Egs, I now have 7 edits on a post that was just a photo and a couple sentences. WTH? But no harm…

BTW… I made your oven baked ribs tonight. I’ll post it later. :slight_smile:

We’re making those ribs tonight. You reminded me.

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I’m so behind in posting. It’s a good method, but I made a couple of mistakes. I’ll post on Home Cooking when I get a chance.