Above All, Don't Be a Dick



I don’t know why anyone would think that the golden rule of the site would need moderation.

You sir, are very droll.


Yay! I read it when I first joined, but sometimes wonder if others have.

I admit being guilty of a few transgressions. But, in certain circumstances - one in particular - I have decided to take the gloves off… sue me. Coincidently, my dear @Bookwich, it was triggered by you deciding to post elsewhere. So, bravo for this. It won’t stop the dick from misbehaving. But maybe it’s a nudge to the ones who are silent about it.


P.S. I’m not talking about our moderator :kissing_heart:.

Bookwich is quicker than me. What does that mean?

Somebody flagged this topic for moderation. “Above all, don’t be a dick” is from the FAQ.


If someone is, in the opinion of a member, inappropriate, why not flag it for moderation? I like the ease of this site but also believe that occasionally someone can go too far.

The flag was on this topic’s first post, which is just a link to the FAQ with a quote from it.

Per customer demand the site is what you might call R-rated.



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I knew it was in the FAQ/Guidelines, but not that someone flagged this thread title. That’s hilarious.

You know what else is in the FAQ @catholiver? A request not to “repeat yourself just to get the last word”.


Good advice. For you and me and others.

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I prefer my name to be prefixed with Mister.

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Not “Spotted”? (This being a food board and all.)


I think you’d want to be a spotted dick. This being a food board and all.

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Not “Spotted”? (This being a food board and all.

think you’d want to be a spotted dick. This being a food board and all.

:fearful: - The look on my wife’s face if I (or it) was spotted.


This is not about an R rating. (“I don’t give a fuck”, to paraphrase Louis C.K.), It is about trolling through interrogation, hyperbole, and exaggeration. As opposed to a good debate, such as the Lodge pizza debate.

.#teamchar, btw


I remember being in Nice the first time I ever had the privilege to travel outside of California, let alone the country. I was struck by something I found so incongruous. There was dogshit everywhere. Just all over. Niceans, I surmise, love dogs as much as they hate picking up shit. I couldn’t get over it for the better part of a morning strolling around. It was all I would let myself see. Then I realized it was just the price of all the other wonderful things in that city and its surroundings. I endeavored to ignore the carpet of shit and I decided I’d pretend nothing had happened even if my shoe did chance upon a gift from the canine contingency of Nice.
It wasn’t easy, but eventually it worked. And surprisingly, I never did step in any of that shit. Or maybe I successfully ignored it. Who can say? Nice was much more beautiful either way.

All that is to say that I know what you’re talking about and my mantra of “be Nice” has been working for me lately.


Have you seen Robert Altman’s Prêt-à-Porter?

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Not since it came out! I totally forgot about it and the constant dog shit. It didn’t even come to mind years later when I had the chance to visit France.
I remember not liking the film much, but I was a little young to really judge much of anything.

so calling somebody a cunt doesn’t deserve a suspension or a ban, got it. Not dickish enough?