Abricott in Pasadena closed

Abricott on South Lake Avenue in Pasadena closed on July 1st. Opened in 2012, it served up good to very good pan-Asian dishes. It was our go-to place for lunch when we were in Pasadena to see a movie or go to a museum exhibit. It’s sister restaurant Daisy Mint on Colorado Blvd. is still open and serving lunch and dinner. It opened around 2008 and is also a pan-Asian restaurant with a more spacious dining room than Abricott had. It got quite a bit of love from food bloggers when it opened and we used to go there often too until Abricott came along.

Aw, that’s sad. I work nearby and it had decent vegetarian/vegan options. And the decor was cute.

This is sad news; we only made it there a couple of times (prefer the menu at Daisy Mint) and enjoyed it.