Absinthe. Any thoughts?

I never have tried it . Is it worth buying a bottle or just pass ? What did you think of it if you have had it ?

Instead of buying a bottle, I’d recommend you have a bartender who is experienced in absinthe pour your first absinthe libation. If you like anise or black licorice, this is your jam.

Note that since the ban on absinthe in the U.S. was lifted in 2007, most of the absinthe here in the U.S. is thujone-free.

YOLO. Do it once.

I like Ouzo , all of the licorice flavors . I live where the bars never have it . Any recs for a bottle . Thuejone free I’ll just have to pretend .

Depending upon where you live, it can be widely found. If it’s not in a local bar (or restaurant), you can check out a higher-end liquor store – they often have a variety of 100ml, 200ml, or 375ml offerings.

Being in California, I often come across St. George Absinthe (distilled here in the SF Bay Area) in smaller sizes. Indeed, BevMo! has about a dozen or so different kinds. Astor Wines & Spirits, in New York, has about two dozen; so, too, does Binny’s Beverage Depot in Chicago.

I would avoid Herbsaint for the time being. It is green and doesn’t “louche,” the way most Absinthe (and Ouzo, Pastis, etc.) does – i.e.: turn milky when water is added. Herbsaint is great in a Sazerac, but isn’t necessarily what one looks for when looking for Absinthe.

From France, Pernod – today best known for its Pastis – has re-introduced its Absinthe into the US, and it’s quite good; so, too, is Vieux Pontarlier, and the Swiss-made Kübler. Here in the US, besides the aforementioned St. George, Lucid, and Germain-Robin are quite good.

You can always check out The Wormwood Society for reviews of various Absinthe bottlings – some are available in the US; some not.

Jason , Thanks for the info . Shoppers Corner in Santa Cruz where I live has a great selection of Absinthe . I was eyeing them yesterday . Oh , and a great selection of wine also . Cheers .

Shopper’s Corner is awesome – used to be my “go to” market when I lived in Santa Cruz . . . great meats, excellent wines, and more!

I like it OK but the price seems out of whack. I found the St. George quite different from others I’ve tasted.

Love it. St. George’s is particularly good. Mix 3:1 water and absinthe and it’s a nice sipper.