Abura Soba in LA?

The one dish that I can’t stop thinking about from my recent trip to Tokyo.

Basically tsukemen’s dry cousin. There’s a good primer here, that explains it way better than I can. :slight_smile:

Any good spots in the area? TIA.

Man, that sounds like my jam. The closest thing I can think of is Killer Noodle, where you can get the noodle bowls served “dry”. Of course even the dry bowls come with a considerable amount of sauce, but it’s not soup-like by any stretch of the imagination. The sauces are also considerably more complicated than just soy + pork fat…

Who knows, it might scratch the itch.

Ramen Joint at Westchester has Mazemen. “A modern descendant of abura soba”, and it’s quite good.

Chatting about Tentenyu on another thread, and remembered they offer additional pig fat as an option, Maybe they would make you a bowl of dry ramen with pig fat? They are fairly accommodating.

Silver Lake Ramen also does a Mazeman ramen that’s pretty great; the shop in general is just alright and is always too crowded, but calling ahead for Mazeman works pretty well. As with the Killer Noodle thing it’s maybe not exactly identical to Abura Soba, but it may do the trick.