Aburiya Raku: A Pictorial Essay


Awesome pics JL! :slight_smile: What were your favs? The eringi mushroom skewers look scrumptious, as does the matsutake dobinmushi.

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nice work Chow and JL – I’m liking the closeup on the okinawan hot sauce…that alone is getting me in the door.

related note shunji did a matsutake dobinmushi recently that really took my breath away and transported me from LA for a few minutes…A fine dish, im gonna try this one too. Looks served in same way. I think his had congor eel in it.


I want some fucking sushi now.

but I’m seriously in fucking BK now.

Not the black snapper he had in mind !

Hey it’s Halloween, and it’ll turn one’s poop a beautiful emerald green… And, the crown is free (while supplies last).

Is this a real fucking burger ???

If so, I’m hitting that fucking shit up.

And that’s no fucking joke.

Happy Halloween fuckers !!!

Damn straight. Available NOW at your local BK. Ask for the Halloween burger.

BK aburi’d the heck out of those buns!

In all honesty BK sometimes does hit the spot, maybe not as much as McDonald’s breakfast (but where else can you get The Crown?), but it’s good to scarf down in the car for late nights. Actually scratch that, BK closes at midnight, Raku’s open to 2am! Raku, Aburiya King. Disclaimer: haven’t been there yet, but looking forward to trying it soon.

J_L: looks like a swell meal. Does anyone know if they serve beef liver sashimi? I think they do at the Vegas outpost. I currently get my reba sashi at Tokyo Kalbi. And that, you cannot get in Tokyo.

CiaoBob & I tested those limits on our visit.

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And it was all good service/wait-wise? Or enter at 2am then leave at 5am (just in time to catch McDonald’s opening)?


JL san, what was the price on the Dassai 50?

From the sake photo, 2nd shelf from the top, right most side, looks like Kirizinzan 麒麟山 Junmai Daiginjo (great Niigata sake). And to its immediate left, Nanbu Bijin 南部美人 Junmai Daiginjo (not the Ancient Pillars version). One of the green bottles to the left looks like the Kyoto sake Tama No Hikari.

What’s the grilled fish shioyaki you had? Looks like one of those Itoyoridai types. How about the braised one in sauce?