Active Forum for Seattle Area?

Figured this would be a good place to ask.
A friend of mine recently moved up to the Seattle area and was looking for more info and community regarding the local food scene.
Anyone know of any active forums for the region?
Thanks in advance!

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I was just in Seattle the other day. I didn’t find any particularly active Seattle message boards when I looked. There’s this PNW board, which is mostly dead. And then there’s a PNW board on Hungryonion which is a bit more active than here, but still pretty sparse. Aside from publications (Eater, Seattle Times, etc), the best place for Seattle food/restaurant discussion I have found is J Kenji’s Instagram.

He responds to a lot of people who ask questions in the comments. But, as it’s Instagram and not a message board, it’s not conducive to long back and forths or community building, unfortuantely.


Thanks for the response!
They are definitely fans of J Kenji. The Food Lab cookbook really inspired my buddy to start cooking regularly.

@wanderlustre relevant…

Heck yeah.
Thank you!

I’m new to this site. I live in downtown. A forum for Seattle would be great. I am interested in SEA and LAS restaurants. Also enjoy good grocers especially seafood, produce, and unique foods. Sadly, my nearby PCC just closed.


Welcome to FTC!!!

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Eager to learn about Seattle’s food scene!

Just joined. I’ll start off with my recs in Seattle (not including the east side):

RockCreek Seafood - the cuisine, the cocktails, even the building is very PNW. I always bring visitors there. I wish they’d update their menu, though - it doesn’t change much so I never go there unless I have visitors.

Off Alley is where I’d take the real foodies and hipsters. Great wine and fun food options.

Taylor Shellfish is touristy but also a typical PNW experience. I think Walrus and Carpenter/Barnacle is better but both are so expensive.

Rossellini’s and Coyle’s for bakeries.

Dantini’s has the best pizza. Honorable mention to Delancey.

Le Coin or L’Oursin for French. Both have cocktail menus that go way beyond what you’d expect.

Speaking of cocktails - lots of good options but my favorites are Zig Zag, Stampede Cocktail Club (and their sister bar Carnelian Bay), Phocific Standard Time, Bar Sabine, Rob Roy. The seasonal menus at Bar Miriam are always fun. Bait Shop, Herb & Bitter, and Tavern Law are also good.

Spinasse has an incredible Italian fixed price menu that’s great for special occasions. Artusi (next door) is also good.

Skal is fun for groups with their Viking feasts.

Rondo’s for creative Japanese izakaya fare.

Kin Len Thai Night Bites and Isarn for Thai.

For Chinese food:
19Gold in Fremont for Taiwanese

ID has some good, traditional Chinese American spots.
Kau Kau is the best BBQ, better than many I’ve had elsewhere in the US.
Honey Court, Hong Kong Bistro, and Jade Garden are good/decent dim sum spots. HC and HKB get bonus points for being open late.

For shopping:
Town and Country Markets is a bit like a local Whole Foods. Asian Family Market for asian ingredients, although they’re either fully stocked or relatively sparse. Uwajimaya has good Japanese pantry goods but their vegetables are overpriced and the meats are terrible unless you’re looking for sukiyaki.



This was just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Off Alley is our favorite.

Canlis is still going strong for fine dining.

I’ll add Tomo and Ltd Edition Sushi.

Good to hear Spinasse is still kicking.

Welcome to FTC!!!